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Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. ~Chinese Proverb

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CT Experiential Learning Center

Theme Season Is a Busy Time at CELC Middle School

CT Middle School Theme Share Dayby Sue H., CELC student 

It’s almost summer, and for many schools that means winding down the school year and focusing less on academics. This couldn’t be less true for CT Experiential Learning Center. The CT Experiential Learning Center, or CELC, is based in Stony Creek, and their philosophy is “you’re never not doing something!” And boy, do they practice what they teach. “There is so much to do!” says Jakob, a third-year student.

The big end-of-year project, called ‘Theme Project’, is a large project in which every CELC student participates. Each student builds an environment and presents information about the assigned subject, in relation to the year’s theme. “Theme is a roller coaster of emotion!” exclaims Jakob, “There was just so much to do, and I felt pressure to do it all.”

Each year has its own theme, which dictates how the year’s learning goes. This year’s theme is officially called Heritage, Ethnicity, and the Quest for Freedom in America, but among students it’s known as Immigration.

For Immigration, each student was assigned a country. Every student had to tell the story of immigration to America and for the presentation had to become someone who would have emigrated from their country in the time period.

When asked what his favorite part of Theme was, Jakob said, “My favorite part was presenting to my parents and seeing how proud they were.” Yes, Theme is a lot of work, but the hard work and effort the students put into their project makes it worth it!

CELC’s students will be presenting their Theme projects Friday, June 5th at the Blackstone Library from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Curious to see how our students do? Come and see for yourself! Theme presentation is open to everyone.

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The Latest CELC Events

CELC Visit with Mayan Community at San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala

Dear friend,
Today was a wet adventure! You name it, we had it : panic attack, check; people getting eaten by dogs; broken wrist, check and check! Life will never be the same. Earlier we had gotten on the back of a pick-up truck in a rainstorm. The ride was a wet one. Life shall never be the same. This day will be the story I will never be quiet about. I hope you should never have an experience like this. But then again, it was just a normal day at CELC.
Love always,
— journal entry by Sophie, international traveler and CELC student

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News of the Week

Reflections in Guatemala with CELC Middle School Students

Basking in the rising sun,
assessing the damage of midnight flood,
Walking through the soaking walk
listening to my cohorts talk,
Sue and Sophie deep in slumber
despite last night’s rolling thunder.
The smell of beans and peppered eggs,
seem to call to Philip’s legs,
Rolling in with his son,
he eats his food until he’s done.
Our friends gather round
and we begin to get loud,
We listen to Billy explain our fate
as Astrid translates.
We will go to a park,
and start to STOMP
and then make tarjetas to our heart’s content,
Then play fútbol,
until we’re spent,
we take our showers
and hop into bed,
my eyes begin to feel like lead.
— journal entry by Jakob, international traveler and CELC student

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