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Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. ~Chinese Proverb

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CT Experiential Learning Center

Middle School Matters

CT Middle School at Yale Canine Cognition LabThe years between elementary school and high school are pivotal years for personal and academic development. Parents know that in these years critical questions will be answered:

* will my child drift as a student, or will he find his own desire to learn?

* will peer pressure drive my child, or will she find her own compass?

* will my child have a narrow view of the world, or will it expand?

The intention of the Connecticut Experiential Learning Center (CELC) is to challenge students and nurture their highest potential. By providing a learning community based in the guiding principles of respect, integrity, responsibility and individual learning, the innate desire of all children to learn, grow, communicate, and create is honored.

CELC was founded in 2009 by educators Maria Mortali and Melinda Alcosser to provide instruction for students ages ten – fourteen in a variety of subject areas that comprise a comprehensive middle school education.  In addition to rigorous academics and learning within a classroom setting, CELC offers students many hands-on and real-world learning opportunities that take them beyond the classroom and into the world.  [Read More…]

The Latest CELC Events

Bountiful Boundless!

The Different Drum sailing trip was an exceptional experience for me and my friends.  I learned so many things,  did many things, and had fun.  I am still on the boat,  but in a couple of days I won’t be.  Captain Jeff and his daughter Jenny taught me everything I needed to know about sailing and navigation.

On the third day, it was Jenny’s birthday – Chris and I had to act fast! At this point Chris and I are picking out a present for Jenny.  We are at a gift shop in a really cool maritime museum in Bath,  Maine.

— logged  by sailor and CELC student Aleksander

CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School aboard Boundless! with Different Drum Sailing Adventures in Maine

On our first day we went to Portland, Maine,  where we were picked up by Captain Jeff ‘ s daughter Jenny.  Then we boarded the dinghy and transferred to Boundless!  Later that day we traveled as far as the Goslings.

Next day we took the dinghy to the islands and explored. After that we sailed a VERY LONG trip to Bath, Maine.

Day 3 we went ashore and visited the Maine Maritime Museum,  learning a lot about boats and  boat construction. We also went into town,  where I found some interesting items.

We set sail again on Day 4, visiting the amazing Sequin Island and then anchored in the Basin – another long day!

After swimming (and “bathing”) today in the Basin and traveling the entire day to Cliff Island, we have anchored and are now preparing for dinner.

— logged by sailor and CELC student Cade [Read More…]

News of the Week

Reflections in Guatemala with CELC Middle School Students

Basking in the rising sun,
assessing the damage of midnight flood,
Walking through the soaking walk
listening to my cohorts talk,
Sue and Sophie deep in slumber
despite last night’s rolling thunder.
The smell of beans and peppered eggs,
seem to call to Philip’s legs,
Rolling in with his son,
he eats his food until he’s done.
Our friends gather round
and we begin to get loud,
We listen to Billy explain our fate
as Astrid translates.
We will go to a park,
and start to STOMP
and then make tarjetas to our heart’s content,
Then play fútbol,
until we’re spent,
we take our showers
and hop into bed,
my eyes begin to feel like lead.
— journal entry by Jakob, international traveler and CELC student

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