Upcoming Events at CELC

CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) provides a full middle school program and offers workshops and special events for homeschoolers.

NEW CELC Offerings and Special Events for 2013-14

Contact Maria and Melinda, mandm@CTExperiential.org or 203-433-4658, for more information and to register for any of the following:

  Special Event:


Ecology and Outdoor Adventure with Common Ground Nature Center The CT Experiential Learning Center’s (CELC’s) outdoor education program at Common Ground gives students an opportunity to bond with peers in the natural quiet setting of Common Ground’s Urban Farm and West Rock Park. Students will experience the change of seasons by observing trees and woodland habitats, streams and water flow, and signs of local wildlife at the summit of West Rock Ridge, Judge’s Cave and other destinations. In conjunction with CELC’s theme of Ecology and Sustainability and Common Ground’s construction of a new, eco-designed building and improved native wildlife habitats, students will take a closer look at sustainable design, ecologically-responsible land use choices, and sustainability in food systems. Overall, the students will have fun, get outside, and enjoy activities that build community and leadership.

Thursdays 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 19 Sept, 17 Oct, 14 Nov, 12 Dec, 16 Jan, 20 Feb, 24 April, and 1 May.

Ages 9 – 14.  Cost: $7.00 per student/day Contact mandm@CTExperiential.org or call 203.433.4658 to register.

Friday Workshop: Bring your passions, skills, and talents on Fridays to CELC.  We are looking for students, parents, teaching artists, and people of all ages who would like to teach and present short courses / workshops geared toward middle school-aged students. The idea is that when you teach, it is one of the best ways to learn. Do you have a skill or passion that you would like to share?  Contact Melinda or Maria at mandm@CTExperiential.org or call 203.433.4658 to find out more and plan your event.

Homeschool Mondays: Mondays at CELC are geared toward homeschoolers.  The class offerings per session will vary through the year to include science, music, writing workshop, current events, thematic studies focused on ecology and sustainability, and nonviolence leadership.  Limited openings.

Session Three: 17 March – 5 May 2014 (6 weeks) *no classes 14, 21 Apr Meet – 9:45 a.m – 3:00 p.m. Cost – $ 297.00 for 6-week session This cost is based on $9.50/hour ($49.50/day) Contact mandm@CTExperiential.org or call 203.433.4658 for more information. 

The intention of the Connecticut Experiential Learning Center is to challenge students and nurture their highest potential. By providing a learning community based in the guiding principles of respect, integrity, responsibility and individual learning, the innate desire of all children to learn, grow, communicate, and create is honored. As we grow CELC, we hope to build a vibrant community to include people of all ages who share in our passion and joy working with young people and for lifelong experiential learning. 

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