We provide instruction in a complete range of subject areas, including hands-on science, writing, grammar, history, literature, math, Spanish, culinary arts, outdoor education, music, and field studies.

Because we are a small group, we are able to build a safe and supportive learning environment, serving the developmental needs of this aged child. Through genuine experiences and opportunities to explore ideas – honoring each member of the learning community – students are able to build confidence and strength as active and engaged learners.  Students gain awareness and appreciation of the benefits of stretching beyond one’s comfort zone in a variety of ways, be it by attending to the minute details in a piece of writing or getting into a kayak on the open water; students continue to grow and develop, thus expanding their perspective about the world and themselves.

Some of the joyful realities of our learning community include students who can hardly wait for a history class, who love diagramming sentences, actively engage in math activities, ask for more writing time, share ideas with each other for building organizational skills, and lots more.

Each day brings new opportunities to learn, grow, wonder, question, and explore.