On-Spot-Reporter at CELC Middle School in Branfordby Christopher M., On-the-Spot Reporter and 2nd-year CELC student


Let’s start at around 1:00 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon. We were just getting into a Literature class, and Sue, Ronnie, and Galina were preparing to present their roles. Sadly Julian wasn’t in school that day, so he needed to hand in his role the next day. When Cade said “Begin!”, Ronnie jumped out of his seat with a burst of energy and explained what he had done that week for his role. He was Artful Adventurer so he had to draw a picture of a point in the book that he felt was interesting or stood out to him in any way. Next on the list, Galina was up and her role was Character Captain. For her work she picked Jim, and I quote, “Because I picked Huck first, and I couldn’t pick Huck again, I needed to pick Jim.” Last but not least, Sue’s turn came and her role was Connector Corporal. Sue connected to how Huck likes the rain – Sue herself likes the rain a lot, too.

When the sun set and the sun rose it was already Thursday. I was especially excited because every Thursday (and Tuesday) we take a trip to a random destination (that’s educational), and we do cool workshops. That day we were heading to Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset State Park. When we got there, I already knew that it was going to be a fun afternoon because Ranger Russ was teaching; he was going to teach us how to spear with an atlatl. At first I threw the spear well (if you consider well getting 10 feet from the target!) Cade and Sue especially were doing very well getting within inches of the target.  

Sue got lucky a few times, when the spear hit the ground, bounced along toward the target, ultimately hitting it. When we attached the atlatl to the spear, it made a huge difference. When I first threw the spear with the atlatl on it, the spear sailed about thirty-five feet, with only just a little force. After about an hour and a half, it was time to go, and we all said our appreciations and got into the “CELC Mobile” (Sophie’s name for the van).

Once again the sun set and the sun rose, and it was Friday. We had a very special guest come to speak with us. His name is Jared, and he is a former student of CELC. He came to speak to us about what he does now. He lives in Essex and is a Middletown Explorer, which is basically a recruit-in-training to be an officer for the Middletown Police Department. He is ranked captain on his team and has been an Explorer for about three years.

Of course we can’t forget that the next day was Halloween! For Why Cook? class we made “evil witches” out of apples, marshmallows, peanut butter, and Cheerios. My favorite part was making the witch’s hat, which was made of a cookie and orange frosting – tasty, sugary, and delicious! Jared even got to make one, and he enjoyed it a lot! We were in a rush to get through the door and leave for Long Wharf Theatre. Jared took the trip with us to the theatre;  it was fun having him in the van, talking with him about what has been happening in all our lives.

Once we got to Long Wharf Theatre, we got our roles and started to rehearse them. I got my role for the play, “Father Forest”. This character doesn’t have too many lines, but I feel like I got the role I wanted. We also talked a little bit about who will be working on the props, music, costumes, etc. We played one of my (and probably others) favorite games, “Zip-Zap-Zop!” It was really fun, and I always enjoy playing it.

“It has been a fun and very exciting week,” I thought to myself on the way back home in the van. It’s that time again, and the sun sets and sun rises.