Each year, CELC parents receive a “secret” envelope containing a blank red heart with the following instructions:

This Envelope is ONLY for Parents!!

A SECRET Valentine’s Day Activity for CELC Parents

Please do not tell your student about this so that s/he can have a grand surprise on 14 FEB !

The heart in this envelope is for you to fill out with words of adoration about your child.  This can be done as a list of words, prose, poems, and/or a combination of all!  Include what you admire and appreciate about your fine youngster.  


These treasured words come with parents’ own artistic expressions and much adoration!  Students have a chance to listen to these heartfelt words as the letters are read aloud.  This year, the group also enjoys a sweet treat at Ashely’s Ice Cream.

Showing and feeling the love, appreciations remain a significant part of CELC’s community values!   Sweet treat with gratitude!