CELC at Tsongas Industrial History Center

CELC at Tsongas Industrial History Center in Lowell, Massachusetts

Learning opportunities come in a variety of ways.  CELC at La Casa OtonalTuesday, 19 April CELC students interviewed residents at La Casa Otoñal in New Haven, a senior housing community serving mostly the Latino population. Students wanted to learn about the immigrant experience first-hand from these elders. La Casa Otonal Each student had a set of questions to use as a guide, and in addition to speaking English, prepared to use Spanish language skills to communicate as needed.La Casa Otonal

The students will now work to translate their interview notes into written memoirs and plan to compile them into a book to be donated to La Casa Otoñal, which will eventually become part of the first-ever Latino Historical Museum in New Haven. La Casa Otonal
La Casa Otonal
La Casa Otonal

For the week of 25 April, CELC continues on with all its regular academic subjects, with students immersing themselves as they go!  Even with a group of six, we have four different levels of math classes that take place.  Students explore topics such as the use of variables in algebraic equations, prime factorization, and how to solve systems of equations.  Grammar class is a bit of a rarity in many schools these days.  Yet, at CELC this week, students will certainly continue on their grammatical quest, including matters such as identifying direct and indirect objects, whether to use singular or plural verbs with indefinite pronouns, and how to avoid ending sentences with prepositions!  CT History has students learning about the Puritan lifestyle during the late 1800s and continuing to read A Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare.  The U.S. History class is involved in a comparative study of war, having recently completed an analysis of both the American Revolution and World War I.  I could go on and on, as we offer instruction in 15 different subject areas!

For our field experiences for the week of 25 April, we have a yoga class on Tuesday with Dorothy at the Watering Pond Studio in Guilford. On Wednesday, we have a guest speaker from Columbia who will visit and share with students his immigrant experience. Thursday it’s birding with Celia to continue our point-count study of birds in the Jared Elliott Preserve in Guilford. We will soon post our data on our website.

On Friday, CELC heads to New York City to continue our study of immigration.  We will visit and tour the Tenement Museum, participate in a workshop entitled “Getting By”, where students will visit the apartments of a German-Jewish family who survived the Panic of 1873 and a Sicilian-Catholic family who lived during the Great Depression.  We will take a Multi-Ethnic Nosh Tour with Big Onion Tours – a culinary jaunt through the Lower East Side neighborhoods.  To top off the day, we will visit and experience the Sony Wonder Technology Lab in midtown Manhattan.

Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned for student blogs, highlighting their impressions of CELC’s learning adventures!