What do Advent, geologic time, and young adult fiction authors have in common?  A week in the life at CELC includes all of these and more.  A start to the new trimester brings author Amanda Marrone to our writing workshop class to kick off a study of illustrated fiction.  Amanda MarroneShe describes her passions and how she came to be a writer.  She shares the process, as well as her love of entomology, which inspires some of her work.  Students are thrilled to hold and learn about hissing cockroaches, Luna moths, and the world of ideas that inspire one’s creativity.Hissing Cockroach

Tuesday holds a visit to the Abbey of Regina Laudis.  Working alongside Sister Esther, students plant bulbs to beautify the cemetery.  Abbey of Regina LaudisAs part of our yearlong study of ancient traditions, Sister teaches about the meaning of Advent season and helps students build an Advent wreathAbbey of Regina LaudisThe Abbey always offers a sense of thankfulness, peace, quiet and calm.  We listen to Gregorian chanting during Vespers. Students appreciate the simple, yet broad experience.

Evolution studyParent and friend of CELC Nick Vucelic offers students a class to continue our study of evolution.  Sharing Power Point and a video about the beginnings of life on Earth, students work to create a timeline spanning 4.6 billion years to include various flora and fauna that came to be.  Geologic TimeThey also explore the evolution of particular body systems and have a lively discussion, considering the advantages that evolution offers as the digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems become more efficient over time.

Our week continues; that much has only brought us to today, Thursday.  We will have Math, Science, Literature Circle, and Spanish, to be followed by an outdoor education class with Ranger Wray of New Haven Parks and Recreation.  He will lead students in a variety of teambuilding activities.

Students then look forward to Friday for Why Cook? class.Tomorrow’s recipe:  Raspberry Tart. After this, geography study time, as students work together in preparation for the National Geography Bee, to be held 11 January 2013 at the Blackstone library in Branford. National Geography BeeThe winner of this local Bee, which is open to students ages 10 – 14 throughout Connecticut, will be eligible to advance to the state level competition.  We then have pizza for lunch on the way to the final rehearsal of Odysseus at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, with a performance 14 December.  Greek theater – yet another strand of our study of ancient civilizations.

Oh, the places we go …! Incredible middle school experience – CELC.  To find out more, and to come see our play, contact us at [email protected]