The osprey are doing well.  We visited the platform located near the Tabor Lutheran Church this week and observed the newest nesting pair to arrive in Branford.  The male stayed close to the nest while the female flew off on occasion for what seemed to be a lunch of fish and to bring back some nesting materials.nesting pair osprey

The pair at Center Cemetery now have eggs in the nest.  We know this because the female was positioned quite low in the nest.  We will continue to make weekly observations for the Branford Land Trust.

On Tuesday, while enjoying the incredible spring weather, students learned about the ancient art form of T’ai Chi for our outdoor education class. We tried a variety of movement sequences  that are meant to restore the “chi” flow of energy in our bodies and which definitely brought a sense of calm and inner strength.  Thank you, Luz!

T'ai Chi inside T'ai Chi

Why Cook? class this week included two recipes: Irish Soda Bread in a skillet and Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread.

making soda bread
cooking with focus Students worked in teams, completely focused, ably following the steps in both recipes.  Among the chemistry and cooking insights students learned included why nuts need to be chopped coarsely rather than finely for the topping of a dessert, and they had another opportunity to prepare a soft dough by first making a “well” of dry ingredients to contain the liquids.  CELCers’ cooking skills will soon be put to the test when we host a dinner for CELC families as part of the Why Cook? practicum.Soda Bread / Pecan Shortbread

Music class had a special guest artist this week.  Patrick Smith, band director of the Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, led the CELCers as they learned to play Yellow Bird, arranged especially for steel pan, piano and marimba.

marimba w/ Pat steel pan J's at piano steel pan