CELC made all the difference for this kid!!!

He Is Loving Penn State! Thank you Melinda and Maria2764.png❤️ — with Cole Riegle.    

CELC was the best school for my son for so many reasons. It was also an answer to a prayer. As they say, it takes one person to make a difference. Well, in this school you have two incredibly intelligent, competent and extremely passionate educators.

Coleman attended CELC for 4 years and then went in to a private school in our new home state of Virginia. We are so proud of him as he is now a freshman at Penn State in the Landscape Architecture program.

Melinda and Maria’s program is infused with creativity  – Coleman thinks differently and so he is perfectly suited to solving the environmental issues our world is facing. We were blessed to have found CELC – don’t be afraid to think outside of the boring box – you’ll be glad you did!!     ~ Cynthia Riegle, mother of Coleman, CELC Alum Class of 2014