A Theme Study of Immigration     Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Theme combines subject areas, including social studies, science, language arts, math and field experiences.  As Americans, we can only understand our country through a study of how we all came to be here.

A variety of opportunities are provided to allow students to gain an understanding of the immigrant experience.  In addition to creating artistically done scrapbooks that document their own family histories, writing a comprehensive research paper focusing on a particular country from where waves of immigration came to the U.S.A, and becoming an immigrant during our year-end theme extravaganza event, students travel to a variety of places and host visitors to the classroom who share their own life stories.

Star of DavidRecently, Miriam Swidel came to CELC and told of how she and her family were able to survive the Holocaust and how she eventually was offered the opportunity to come to this country when she was about 18 years old.  CELC learn about HolocaustWe also visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and next week we will take a tour of New York’sTenement Museum, to be followed by a “multi-ethnic nosh tour” with Big Onion Tours, where we will explore, see, hear, and even taste our way through the variety of neighborhoods of New York’s Lower East Side.

CELCers will look forward to spending time with our friends at La Casa Otoñal on Tuesday, 19 April.  As part of our study of immigration, students will conduct oral history interviews with the elders.  The group will then celebrate Earth Day by cleaning the grounds and preparing the gardens for planting.

Wednesday, 20 April we will travel to the Tsongas Industrial History Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. In addition to touring the factory, mills, and boardinghouses where immigrant girls – mostly from Ireland and England – came to work during the Industrial Revolution, students will take part in a workshop entitled Yankees to Immigrants.  They will become immigrants, unpack luggage & tell their stories, investigate daily life, and resolve an issue dividing Lowell’s citizens.

Check back again soon for photos and updates about all of these exciting activities.

Real learning, real experiences, CELC.

Statue of Liberty