CELC honoring ceremony

The final week of instruction brought CELC students to Trap Rock Ridge camp for a two-night overnight. Cooking outdoors, sleeping under the stars, clamming in Long Island Sound, touring the Yale Art Gallery’s ancient art exhibit, and traveling to circus class filled the days.

Long Island Sound clamming Juggling lessons Yale Art History Museum

Each night Rob told a story, each historically real and connected to the local land with characters such as the famed Leatherman.  This year he shared a story originally written by Arlo Guthrie about humongous giant million-year old clams as big as a house.  Oh, the laughter and wonder.  This story came alive and allowed an appearance by R Clamso … who entertained us all with a clam shanty. Standing tall with clampoon in hand, Reuben belted the verses aloud while the audience responded in call-and-response style “clamso me boys, clamso.  Oh, what a celebration!Rueben Clamso

reading at the campfire

In recognition of our first year as CELC, and for the hard work, perseverance, and individual and group accomplishment, CELC students, families, and friends gathered at Branford Point Park for a potluck supper and honoring ceremony.

proud parents

sharing memoriesStudents read aloud their wishes for each other and acknowledgements of their own growth and achievements during the year of learning experiences.