When I first got to the Bahamas I noticed the beautiful, blue and clear water. When I stepped off the plane I immediately felt the warm sunshine. The cars drove on the left side of the road!  It was a very small island, even though it was the largest of all the seven hundred islands. Everything seemed crammed and packed into a tight space.

My first impression of the harbor was that it was cute and cool. Then I noticed the water was not as clear in the harbor. There were many boats and oil in the water. Then I saw our boat. The boat was a sparkling white.  It had tall sails. The length was 46 feet and it weighed 40,000 pounds. This was to be our home for the next week! Captain Jeff was very nice.

Our adventure was finally going to begin. We sailed for seven hours down to Allan’s Cay. During the trip there were 6 feet waves and it was very choppy. It was fun to have the waves spray in our faces though, as it came through the sides of the cockpit. On our first full day we snorkeled. I was scared, yet excited at the same time. Once I was in the water I saw the most beautiful fish. I could touch them as they swam by. There were colorful coral reefs and brain coral. It was yellow and had many crevices. Captain Jeff instructed us to always swim with a buddy. Mine was Jody. One time I almost pulled her arm off when I turned around and saw a huge barracuda staring in my face! The barracuda was about two feet long and was a silver color. The type of barracuda down there is called great barracuda. It didn’t stop me from wanting to keep going.

We played on the white sandy beaches and run around with iguanas. The iguanas scurried all over the island like playful pets.  It was kind of funny because Jody tried to give them all names. No where else in the world can you find this many iguanas. One day we took the small dingy to a reef and when we came up from snorkeling the current had taken it down to where we ended up.

Captain Jeff gave us lessons in how to navigate a boat. He let us jump of the boat into the water.  The water was so shiny and sparkling. I could see every colorful fish. I swung from the mast in a harness.  I was so high I could almost touch the clouds!  It was scary, yet thrilling, like riding a roller coaster. It was so much fun!

Each night we cooked on board the boat. We all had chores to do. I had to wash the dishes.  Shsh!  Don’t tell my mom. We read and watched movies. I loved swimming underwater and sleeping under the stars at night. I was nervous about going, but now I miss of the all the things we did and Captain Jeff.

It was an amazing adventure!