CELC’s CANstruction project helps to generate 20,000 meals for families in Connecticut.

CELC CANstruction with HH Purdy Architects

Sponsored by the Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, CANstruction 2015 was a great success!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015 six participating schools, along with teams of architects from around the state, created enormous CANstructures made out of about 15,000 total cans of food. Each structure had a message relating to hunger – designs ranged from CELC’s “There’s Plenty To Go Around” in the shape of a pie made of cans to a food truck structure titled “Let’s Taco’bout Hunger”; all of the cans will be donated to CT Food Bank and CT Food Share.

CT Experiential Learning Center received Honorable Mention Award. Special mention was made about the message of CELC’s design : the pie had one slice taken out to represent the percentage of people who are food insecure in the United States and another slice to represent the amount of food wasted in the United States. CELC’s display included an informative sign with practical tips about how to avoid food waste. Along with the 2,000 cans used, CELC also raised enough from sponsorships to donate an additional $2,600 to CT Food Bank.

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