— written by CELC student Anton

Reflection :  As the year has gone by, honoring the teachers, Maria and Melinda, seems most important – for their hard working selves and unstoppable minds. They work hard not only with their family tasks, but also their school tasks in order to allow us to have a good learning experience.

Discovering the new experiences that I have gained – what would I have learned if I hadn’t been enticed to enter the life of the CELCaroos. Maria and Melinda have helped me during tough moments. The word easy was not their middle name; challenges seemed frequent as we progressed throughout the year.

For example, during our theme exploration I was worried about how to use the note cards and include websites and other references. Maria took time to show me how to prepare myself and to write them. Not only did I write a complete report, but also made a life-sized environment to go with it. Who would have known?

This next example may not have been a challenge but shows how caring our teachers are. When Maria heard that I wanted a basenji for a dog, she filled me in on what she knew. She also brought Hemmingway, her older basenji, to CELC to give me a better idea of what I could expect from such an independent breed.

Another example of our caring teachers was when Melinda arranged for me to play piano with TS Monk, but I was not familiar with the music. She emailed me the music, brought to school her keyboard, and also arranged for her husband Pat to come to CELC and help me become more familiar and confident with it. This was all in a few days, yet I have memories that will last forever.

I understand and appreciate all that Maria and Melinda have done for us. I would also like to thank my mom and dad for their support and encouragement during this new school year. It is a long drive to Stony Creek, and somehow my mom made lots of changes so I could attend CELC.

Thank you mom and dad, Maria and Melinda, and all my friends at, and who have to do with, the Connecticut Experiential Learning Center.


Looking forward : continuation of a caring community