Six hundred students from 120 different middle and high schools throughout Connecticut participated in the 2020 CT Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF), this year held completely online, during the week of 9 – 14 March 2020.  All six of the CELC middle school students who entered projects were among this year’s Finalists and Special Award winners!

Harper won an Alexion Biotechnology Award Medallion.  She also received the Talcott Mountain Science Center (TMSC) Founder’s Award for $450 and will attend a Saturday Mentorship Course at TMSC for her Let Them Eat Cake, focused on chemistry and the gluten-free diet.

CELC student Ethan received a $200 cash prize from Demos R Us for his “clear execution of research” and a Lockheed Martin Physical Sciences Award trophy. His project entitled From Waste to Paper studied tensile strength of fibers when utilizing often-wasted materials as a papermaking source.

Julian and Emma entered as a team with Plastic vs. Plastic – Durability and Decomposition.  They were awarded the Future Sustainability Award of $100 cash and a trophy.

Avyay and Natalia entered a team project entitled Repurposing Plastic Into A Tiny House.  They were awarded the Future Sustainability Award Medallion and scientific calculators, presented by the Society of Women Engineers.

Now in its 72nd year, The CT Science and Engineering Fair provides an incredible experience for young people.  The fair is open to 7th –12th graders throughout the state.  The aim is to attract young people to the field of science and engineering and to develop critical thinking skills.  The fair is supported by hundreds of academic and industrial organizations throughout the state and is run solely by volunteers. 

CELC students worked diligently during the entire process, from initial conceptualization to the presentation itself.  The fair enabled the students to feel excited by science and empowered them through the recognition of their own thinking and creative abilities.  

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