Once again, CELC traveled for an end-of-year adventure, this time to The Ecology School in Saco, Maine.  CELC incorporates student travel into its curriculum purposely – to bring young people outside their comfort zones and to open up to discovery of new elements in themselves, the world, and each other.

Educator Brody from The Ecology School worked with this year’s CELC group, quite impressed, he emphasized that this was “one of the smartest groups I’ve ever had at The Ecology School.” With a degree in Marine and Ecosystem Sciences, Brody offered a great deal of knowledge and passion for all that we studied in the field and along the way.  Below are some photos for you to enjoy – please view and like CELC’s Facebook page for additional photos and posts.

Thank you, The Ecology School and especially educator Brody for providing a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for our study of ecology, habitats, ecosystems, and the interrelatedness of all!

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