Ah, CELC in Vermont!

We travel with students and the magic happens – especially in our River House. Throughout the year, the CELC group works together, plays together, builds trust and respect for one another. Here, for a week in Vermont, we live together and share space 24/7.   Challenging, yes, however, room for so much growth. Students share in the cooking, such great meals. We take care of our living space and for each other – we are strong and get to learn, stretch, and be!

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Please read a bit about our adventures …

En route from Connecticut, we stopped for a tour of Hildene Farm and the Lincoln Family Home. Students appreciated learning about Abraham Lincoln’s son Robert, who was also founder of the Pullman Train Company.

Today, as snow fell outside, we enjoyed a variety of activities. Theme class included studying the story of immigration in the U.S.A. over the past century. Students also were challenged to work in cooperative groups to determine (measure) the square footage and metric units of living space, of all four floors of this fine house! Challenge accepted and eagerly engaged!

Tomorrow, after another fine breakfast, Literature Circle class, some reading and writing time, we will head to Billings Farm in Woodstock, a working dairy farm and museum dedicated to Vermont’s rural heritage.

Enjoy the slideshow and stay tuned for updates as we go.


Student journal entries – Vermont Day One:

Dear Friend,

Driving in the car to Vermont with singing One Direction songs. A bunch of boys and a cute little dog. We are going to Vermont for a school skiing trip. The van was (is) probably going to be the worst/hardest thing this whole trip. Although I do love our CELC mobile adventures, this one was the hardest. The smell of boy is still in my nostrils! Our packs had to take up all the space in the front. So everyone had to scooch to the back. Do you know how hard it is to sit next to boys for 4 hours?



Of all – time and space.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If you wonder,

Of my blunder.

You must know

That one day ago I was in the snow.

Skiing hard,

going fast.

Until we reached our captain’s mast.

Not so formal,

Not as real,

but a punishment as heavy as a keel.

I got in the car

tears not far.

And squeeze my body,

into what

no mammal should be forced to bear.

But soon my body will be in care,

And be in a home fit to share.

– Jakob


We visited Abraham Lincoln’s son’s house, beautifully restored to the period. My favorite part was the pipe organ with 100 pipes. The player portion worked by blowing air through holes in paper, making the notes. I wondered why they couldn’t just use contacts separated by the paper, but as well.

I have to go now because we are going to see a film.



Today was fun. We went to see the Lincoln Museum and got to see one of President Lincoln’s real top hats, one of three left. After that, we came to the house where we are staying and brought up our items. We just had a “men’s meeting” and talked about the rules.



Today is January 26, 2015. We left to Vermont. We went to a house where Abraham Lincoln’s son had lived. I found out Lincoln had three top hats. After a hard day at work, we arrived at the house where we are staying. The house is beautiful and amazing. I can’t wait until a brand new day tomorrow.



Today was mostly spent in the van, on our way to Vermont. We stopped to admire the Hildene Farm in Manchester, VT. The Hildene Farm is a big house that belonged to the Lincoln’s – as in Abraham Lincoln’s son.

The house is a beautiful 24-room house with a super-duper-fantastic-really-cool organ with over 100 pipes! The house also had a working farm and a gorgeous garden that was designed to look like a cathedral’s stained glass window.

After we visited the Hildene Farm, we hopped back on the CELC-mobile and continued our adventures! We went to the River House, where we will stay for the week. We got a tour of the house (thanks, Nolan) and then got settled. Sophie and I got the cow room!



We went to Lincoln’s son’s house in Manchester, Vermont. We were given a full tour of the entire house – it was incredible. All of the furniture and decorations were original, except for a painting. We then went to the River House and settled in after unpacking.



Today at CELC we went to Vermont, and it is a great experience (so far). First we got packed and ready to leave. Soon after driving for what felt like hours, I finally decided to rest. It was very peaceful, until I made the occasional joke that made Sue laugh or get angry. With my sunglasses on, the view looked like summer with blankets of snow.