Day Two – 29 January  

Moments of pride …

I was proud today when I was on top of the mountain – I went on a black diamond.  A black diamond is a trail that requires an advanced level of skiing in order to get down to the bottom.   There were supposed to be big moguls on the trail, but there weren’t any.  A mogul is a bump made of snow, and there are many of them in one area. I told my friends that I ran into some thick snow, and then into some flat snow and lost my balance. I eventually made it to the bottom.  I wonder what my adventure and braveness will take me to tomorrow, a new day!

– Anton


I went up for the first time on the North Star chair lift to the summit of the mountain.  It was scary, like a haunted house because I was stuck on it for five horrible, most insane fifty feet.  When the lift started again, I saw a mountain over the clouds, like it was an island surrounded by water.CELC at Okemo

After we reached the top, I started down the trail.  It was pretty good, but I wiped out exactly seven times.  I finally got to be a level-five skier.

– AJ

CELC at Okemo

Today was the second day of skiing on Okemo in Vermont.  Something that I am proud of while skiing is that I mastered turning, and that I made it to a level five skier since I am comfortable on blue squares and black diamond trails.  Blue trails have more bumps and steeper hills and black diamond trails have tighter turns and are very steep.  I went on a black diamond with moguls.  The moguls were similar to wrestling an alligator, constantly turning and planning where to go.  At the end of the day, I was very proud of myself.

– ColeCELC at Okemo


As we got to the chair lift, my heart was racing and I was panicking.  But then the time came when we had to go up.  I sat on the lift and it jerked forward.  I know that there was no turning back.  The ride up to the top of the mountain took about five to ten minutes. It was then time to start the 30-minute journey down. It was very steep in the beginning, yet in some areas in was so flat I had to push myself forward with my poles! I felt light as air going down. Yes, Finally! I skied all the way from the top of the mountain to the bottom!

– Julia

CELC at Okemo

Skiing is my new favorite sport. It was my second day on the mountain and I went down the “blue square” trail without falling! The lift was faster than I expected and as the seat of the chairlift bumped into me, I almost fell. When we got to the top, the view was amazing – it was so high I thought I could reach up and touch the sun. The peaks of the mountains are high above the clouds.  We went bombing down the trail, and I sure was surprised how well I did! At the end of the day I am exhausted. With wobbling legs and a sore back I am excited to be out of the painful, torturous ski boots and on my way to collapsing into the bottom bunk.

– Liam lookingski


AJ and I skied until we were pooped and bored, but we still needed to get to the bottom of the mountain.  “AJ, come on, let’s go,” I yelled.  The mountain was so foggy and AJ was ahead, kind of in trouble, turning in a silly-looking way, moving side-to-side, going up and down.

“Hold on,” AJ replied.  Soon we were on our way, and with the bottom near, we raced as if an avalanche was chasing us.  AJ was now skiing well.  At last we reached the bottom.  In the end, I am proud that I skied in such fog.

– JakobCELC at Okemo


CELC at OkemoI woke up to a breakfast, all nice and set up, of Honey Bunches of Oats. I had a wonderful breakfast with everyone. After this, it was time to get ready for another day of Vermont skiing. I had trouble getting on my long johns, though, because they are really tight. Even though I managed to get dressed, we still had to wait outside for a little while waiting with our ski gear in our hands. After only a few short minutes of waiting, the shuttle came. We loaded and finally headed to the mountain. I am hopeful for some great skiing as I go off to my 10:00 a.m. lesson.

– NolanCELC at Okemo

CELC at Okemo


Day Three – 30 January Vermont adventures

The most interesting snippets of our day, according to the CELCers …

Egg dripping from bread, bread sizzling on the skillet and the sound of voices.  The perfect time to make French toast.

“Jakob, let’s move the eggs closer to the skillet so the eggs don’t drip,” Maria quickly said, then added, “Put the bread vertically so there are more than two pieces cooking.”

“Thank you for the advice,” I replied. Moments later, we served the savory breakfast of orange juice and French toast.

– Jakob

Black River Academy Museum

My favorite thing for today was going to the Black River Academy Museum.  I thought it was really cool that it was the first school that accepted girls beyond 8th grade. It was a private academy that was very special because of the classical education it offered. The museum was part home as well, with luxury furniture and cooking ware. It had one of the first electric stoves, from 1801. The coolest part of the museum was the barbershop, with its old leather seats, scissors, and razors. The Black River Museum brought history to life.

– Nolan

CELC in Ludlow, VT

I wake up with the smell of French toast in the air as well as the thumping of stairs. The boys were coming to wake me up. The French toast tasted like eggs and toast! After breakfast we went to work CELC in Ludlow, VTwriting my witch story for Writing Workshop and later came time for the Crowley Cheese Factory where I bought some extra-sharp Cheddar for my family. The cheese maker looked serious until he shot a spray of water at AJ.  Next we went by car to a hiking trail. The hike was very nice until thump, I fell on my back. After that painful experience, we went to the Black River Academy Museum, which had exhibits put together by local school kids. The most interesting part was that the 30th president – Calvin Coolidge – went to this school; his sister also went there, but suddenly died at age 16. After a long and exhilarating day, I wish to go to bed and I will soon.

– Liam

CELC in Ludlow, VT

Today I have had many different experiences and moments. We went to the cheese factory, firetower trail, and Black River Academy Museum. I think the cheese factory was most interesting. The outside of the place looks like a farm, but inside it is old industrial with big machines.  I learned many things about how cheese is made and how the place is maintained. They get 10,000 gallons of milk per week and use 3,300 gallons per batch. Surprisingly, I even learned that Crowley’s is the oldest cheese factory in the United States. I think that have lots of fun when they do work because I saw them laughing, and they even scared AJ by spraying a hose on the window that we were looking in. They also offered samples of cheese that looked good, but when I saw liquid cheese in their big metal tub, it looked disgusting, like slimy cheese mixed with water and milk, but rennet made it look like that – rennet is an enzyme from the belly of a calf that is used to make cheese. I now wonder if my mom will like the cheese that I got!

– Anton

Crowley Cheese Factory

“Yum!” I said as I entered the cheese factory. There were so many different types of cheese to taste, from mild to sharp, from garlic and chive. We watched two of the cheese makers start to clean the cheese curd off the bottom of the ginormous tub. He started to use the hose to clean the last bits, when he squirted his friend. I laughed and pointed for him to squirt it at AJ, who was watching at the window. The blast came at AJ, and he got up, hitting his head on the window – we all laughed! I then turned away for a millisecond, and the worker squirted me. I jumped so high and started laughing.

The shelves of the factory store were stocked with jam and crackers for sale. The boys bought lemon curd, and soon after it was time to leave. I learned that cheese making requires focus, keeping the area clean, maintaining the right temperature, and not letting the curds burn. Sometimes doing serious work also needs a bit of humor.

– Julia


Okemo State Forest


The most exciting part of my day was taking a half-mile hike in the Okemo State Forest. It was a gloomy day, and the snow was six inches deep. One good thing that came from the snow was good quality snowballs. Philip, Maria’s husband, and I made up a game to test our throwing accuracy. The object of the game was to hit the most trees with flying snowballs; each time we had to reach the next farther tree, hitting it dead-on.

On the way back from the hike I ran really fast, with the cold winter breeze blowing through every pore on my face, throwing snowballs at every tree! Before I knew it, I was at the bottom of the mountain, standing the victor, with Philip a distant second.

– Cole


I was at Crowley’s Cheese factory in Vermont learning how cheese is made. As I was watching the cheese maker wash out the metal tub, out of nowhere he sprayed a hard blast of water at my viewing window. “Ah”, I screamed. I will never be scared again at Crowley’s because the next time I will be ready!

– AJpoker in Ludlow, VT