Some of the CELCers will set sail on 15 April aboard the 46′ Ketch, Boundless!  with Captain Jeff  of Different Drum Sailing Adventures.

During our adventure, you can stay in contact with what we do each day by logging onto the following website where we will blog about our travels on a daily basis.

04/15/2012, Shroud Cay

CELC Aboard Boundless! DAY ONE 15 April 2012 Please note – as there will be no Internet connection for most of our time aboard, we will be blogging through a radio signal and will not upload photos until we get back to Nassau on Saturday. Jeff has described some of the week’s events: a visit to Allen’s Key, home to iguanas that may greet us as we come ashore; snorkeling at a sunken airplane on Norman’s Key; and exploring the Exumas. Jeff describes that he is still in awe of these islands, even though he has traveled there for over 15 years.

Below are some first impressions of the CELC crew of students:

Julia: Today we landed of the Boundless! It was so amazing to fly over the ocean and to be able to see the bright blue ocean. I loved walking on the toe rail on the outside of the lifelines. I did it once without getting off and made it all the way around. It is almost bedtime and good night.

Jared: The boat is much larger than I thought, and there is plenty of food. đŸ™‚

Jody: After landing, we saw many cool sights when driving to meet Captain Jeff. After going through a list of rules on the Boundless, we had a rather awkward experience talking about the bathroom and how to use the toilet properly. So far, it has been really fun walking around the boat and seeing a little bit of the Bahamas. I can’t wait to sail tomorrow!

Kyle: Today we went through Nassau, or the land portion anyway. We flew on Jet Blue flight 723, and the flight was relatively uneventful. I have yet to fish and am definitely looking forward to fishing and swimming tomorrow. Highlight of the day was getting back into Captain Jeff’s little dinghy. That was the first day, plus the first night on the boat again should be fun.