Thank you to Ken Mackenzie of Frogurt Time Guilford for hosting a student-curated Art Show with the students of CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) Middle School of Branford in collaboration with EducArte, a school in Antigua, Guatemala.

CELC and EducArte Benefit

All proceeds from the sale of student artwork are in support of EducArte, an organization that provides education and health care for children and families who otherwise would not have the resources to afford it.

The $460.00 that was raised will support EducArte’s mission: to create better preconditions for the development and education of our students. The main focuses of EducArte are education, nutrition, mental and physical wellbeing and free expression of thoughts and feelings.

It costs $65.00 per month to sponsor a child through EducArte. If you would like to send a child to school and help provide access to medical care for a family, please contact Melinda or Maria at CELC for more information, [email protected], 203.433.4658, or visit EducArte online at

Thank you for your support – we hope you will consider this opportunity to make a difference!