Monday, 28 June five CELC Middle School students along with CELC Co-founder/Educator Melinda Alcosser arrive in Stony Creek Harbor to begin their adventure and set sail from Branford, Connecticut to Portland, Maine

First, a short dinghy ride to get aboard the Morgan 46-foot Ketch sailboat Boundless! with Captain Jeff and his wife Liz who run Different Drum Sailing Adventures.  Most of these students have experienced Boundless! before, sailing Maine and the Bahamas, but none has ever traveled such a distance, point-to-point in this ocean-going vessel; this 10-day adventure covers about 700 miles through Long Island Sound, Cape Cod Bay, Stellwagen Bank, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Both Different Drum Sailing Adventures and CELC Middle School find great value in providing transformational experience-based learning to young people. Once aboard Boundless!, the students crew and learn aspects of running the boat and what it means to spend life at sea rather than on land.  They explore much, from navigation and charts to pulling up and hauling down the sails, to cooking in a galley kitchen, from assessing weather and wind to Tying a Bowline with One’s Feet Challenge!  

Yes, some were stomach queasy during certain parts of the venture, with some 12-plus hour days in rocking waves.  Life on a boat is unique – one must stay alert and remain present.  We enjoyed anchoring in places not accessible other than by boat. Success overall is a trip of this distance with little to report of any real consequence! All remained healthy and well, feeling quite accomplished at having done something this grand.  The statement holds true: once you’ve slept on a boat, you’re never quite the same …

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