Dear friend,
Today was a wet adventure! You name it, we had it : panic attack, check; people getting eaten by dogs; broken wrist, check and check! Life will never be the same. Earlier we had gotten on the back of a pick-up truck in a rainstorm. The ride was a wet one. Life shall never be the same. This day will be the story I will never be quiet about. I hope you should never have an experience like this. But then again, it was just a normal day at CELC.
Love always,
— journal entry by Sophie, international traveler and CELC student

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The paint burns my eyes as I look above; the roller flings debris consisting of dried paint and dirt. People mill about, sharing ideas and jokes to pass the time. My brush runs out of paint, so I turn around. A girl no older than I holds out a pan of vibrant blue. I dose my roller in it, letting the excess paint drip back into the pan.

I turn back to the task at hand and begin to join in with the others. We’ve made steady progress around the school’s wall. Some climb onto the fence to compensate for their unique stature. In the background I hear kids playing fútbol and promise myself to join in after a few minutes.

I breathe in the fresh, thin air and feel the cool wind brushing through my legs. It will rain soon, but I won’t let it!
— journal entry written by Jakob, international traveler and CELC student

I woke up in a new bed
No spiders or bugs
But my feet were heavy as lead.
I slowly walked toward the jugs,
the jugs of water.
I was thirsty and had bed-head
My hair must have looked like Harry Potter’s
I walked so slowly, I thought I was dead.

The afternoon was hot, and there was lots of work to be done. I helped paint a school’s walls with mostly blue and some red. I was hot, and I might have even gotten tanned. I’m sure I got a sun burn, though. I had a great time, even though I didn’t speak much Spanish. I played basketball and soccer. After the afternoon it was very wet. Let me just leave it at that.
— journal entry written by Gabriel, international traveler and Hamden Hall student

Dear friend,
Today was a wet adventure! It’s our second day at the lake, and we can really FEEL the rain – hmmmm, I mean WELCOME the rain. Today we went all the way up a mountain, another 1500 meters up from where we already were in Antigua (which is at about 1500 meters above sea level) to go help a school paint the walls along the perimeter.

The ride up was kind of scary but really fun. All fourteen of us CELCers, including Scott, Marni, Tao, M & M, and Yisrael piled into the back of a pick-up truck and wound our way up the mountain. Once we got to the school, we met lots of kids and got started painting.

It was really sunny, so when I had to reach up to the high part of the wall, I had to squint, and the blue paint splattered everywhere – including my pants and shoes, but we had lots of fun. By the time we were finished for the day, the sky had clouded over, and by the time we said good-bye and crammed back into the pick-up truck, it had started to drizzle.

And yup, you guessed it; by the time we started to wind our way back down the mountain, it was pouring! There was a tarp on the back of the truck, but it was canvas and eventually the rain soaked through. Back at the hotel, every single one of our shoes squished when we walked, and we were all dripping wet – and the rain still hadn’t stopped. Ah, you gotta love rainy season!
— journal entry written by Sue, international traveler and CELC student