— written by CELC student Jakob

Splash! The warm water with its dilute, skin-irritating chemicals swallows me whole! Maria and Melinda follow, and soon the entire school is splashing in the pool at  Branford’s Soundview YMCA. Maria jumps right into action, commanding us to swim to the 5-foot deep end and begin treading water. After only 5minutes we stop, some of us sweating, not surprisingly, given the temperature of the water in this particular pool.

Soundview Family YMCAWe are aching to go to the cool water pool, just a feet few away from where we are. Maria says we may do exactly that, as soon as we complete our relay. The rules are simple : “Ride” on a foam noodle to the opposite end of the pool, tap your teammate’s hand, cheer for his return to the starting place. All of this is over in a flash and soon I am jumping in a cool pool, swimming to my delight.