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This is your site for keeping current with homework assignments and any additional information about which you may need to be aware.

Legacy Theatre World Premiere – This performance is now scheduled to be performed,  on stage at Legacy Theatre,  Friday, 11 February! Families are invited to attend to support this student work. 

“It was the happiest moment of my life, though I didn’t know it. Had I known, had I cherished this gift, would everything have turned out differently?” – Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

Study Hall – Student should bring second snack to have nourishment and stamina for elongated day

Items to have at CELC:  indoor shoes, slippers, rain coat, rain pants, warm layers. Also, remember to always have at CELC a spare, dry, COMPLETE set of clothing

Please remember to read ALL of CELCnotes! 


Español –  

ALL – DUE TUESDAY, 25 JAN – Record in Spanish the times of waking and eating lunch for both Saturday, the 22nd and Sunday, the 23rd. In addition, continue to practice the days of the week and the months of the year 

ALL – DUE TUESDAY, 18 JAN – Name your “family” 

ALL – DUE Thursday, 13 JAN – STUDY how to conjugate “estar” in present tense in 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-person singular and 1st- and 3rd-person plural + STUDY how to form the gerund of any infinitive. Both parts (estar + infinitive) indicate action in the present that is ongoing and continues until something else happens to interrupt it or stop it. 

ALL – DUE – Tuesday, 11 JAN – Add words to all categories of what you saw, you ate, you drank, relatives who were with you. Share your google document with everyone

ALL – DUE – Tuesday, 11 JAN – Write details – name, characteristics, reasons why Cote : superhero; Sophie/Veronica: superhero; Liam/Asi/Lily: villian


ALL – DUE Fridays (starting Friday, 17 DEC) Verbs Quiz  – be prepared to translate any (five) verbs on the vocabulary list below!

Use this LINK to story recordings for reading practice 

All – Practice the vocabulary listed below

Here are two documents from Billy to use for study: pasado – past and El pasado ES

Vocabulary: a mi me gusta, abril, abrir, abuelo(a), aburrido, agua, ahora, alacena, almorzar, andar, asustado, agosto, azul, bailar, bebé, beber, bicicleta, blanco, boca, burro, caminar, camisa, cansado, casa, caso, cenar, cielo, cocina, cocinar, comida, comer, computadora, correr, deletrear, desayunar, descarado, día, diciembre, diente, domingo, dorado, dormido, dormitorio, echar, empapado, enamorado, enero, enfadado, enfermo, escalera, estante, estar, estudiar, estadounidense, familia, febrero, feliz, gato, gorila, gran, grande, hacer, hermano(a), invitar, jueves, jugar, junio, julio, libro, lunes, maestro, mamá, mañana, martes, marzo, mascota, mayo, miércoles, mirar, mismo, montar, mundo, nacer, nadar, negro, nevera, noviembre, octubre, orgulloso, oro, papá, papel, perro, piscina, plata, plato, practicar, primo(a), queso, raton, rojo, sábado, saltar, septiembre, ser, silla, sobre, sobrino(a), sorprendido, también, tío(a), todos, triste, tú, unos, vaso, verde, vida, viernes

Math –  

In class work Monday, 24 JAN

Spelling –  

Keep on the “listen out” for new vocabulary and remember to apply what you know about spelling patterns and rules to your writing!

Grammar –

Liam – DUE Monday, 24 JAN Read 388 – 389; do p 389 Ex # 3 

Lily – DUE Monday, 24 JAN – Read 394 – 395; do p 395 Ex # 7  

Asi – DUE Monday, 24 JAN Read pp 280 – 281; do p 281 Ex # 1 and Ex # 2 

Veronica – in class work Monday, 24 JAN 

Cote – Chapter 10 TEST Wednesday, 26 JAN 

Sophie – in class work Monday, 24 JAN 

Literature Circle – Children of the Noah

FINAL TEST for Children of the Noah is TUESDAY, 15 FEBRUARY

Lily –  DUE Tuesday, 25 JAN – Connector Corporal pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Lily – DUE Wednesday, 26 JAN – Summarizer pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Cote – DUE Wednesday, 26 JAN – Vocabulary Veteran pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Veronica – DUE Wednesday, 26 JAN – Vocabulary Veteran pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Asi – DUE Tuesday, 25 JAN – Discussion Director pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Asi – DUE Wednesday, 26 JAN – Discussion Director pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Sophie – DUE Tuesday, 25 JAN – Literary Lieutenant pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21  

Liam – DUE Tuesday, 25 JAN – Character Captain pp 419 – 466 Ch 20 – 21

Current Events –

DUE Monday, 24 JAN

National news (anywhere within the United States, except Connecticut) for the 2nd trimester

  • Read newspaper article from an actual newspaper or an online newspaper
  • Read it enough times to understand article’s content
  • Look at a map and know where within the United States your current event occurred
  • Be ready in class to share the details and be ready in class to answer classmates’ questions
  • Print and Bring the actual article to class

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

— Vincent van Gogh


DUE by Wednesday,  9 February – Be sure to know ALL lines, enunciated with energy, enthusiasm and with the right elocution! ALL props and costumes to remain at CELC.

LINK to LIST of Props / Costumes 

Reading –


All – This work is underway in class :  ideas of how you are going to tell “the story” of summer choice book. Think images, colors, symbols. You must include title, author, plot, setting, prevailing message, likes, dislikes in the total composition.

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE PERSONAL READING BOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! ** If you are about to finish a book, make certain you are prepared with a new one as well **


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else       — Charles Dickens

Writers’ Workshop –

DUE Monday, 24 January – Complete your graphic organizer detailing elements of your mystery story. 

Everything is writable!  – L.H.


CT History –

DUE Wednesday, 26 January – Read chapter 9 from Witch of Blackbird Pond.  Be prepared to discuss characters and make prediction about Kit’s next moves. 

US History –

DUE WEDNESDAY, 26 JAN – Read pp 78 – 82; be prepared for detailed in-class discuss about New England colonies

DUE THURSDAY, 27 JAN – Read pp 73 – 77. Do p 77 Discussing Main Ideas (DMI) # 1 – # 5

On January 14, 1784, the Continental Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris, ending the War for Independence.

In the document, which was known as the Second Treaty of Paris because the Treaty of Paris was also the name of the agreement that had ended the Seven Years’ War in 1763, Britain officially agreed to recognize the independence of its 13 former colonies as the new United States of America.

Science –  

“Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art, starts with an act of imagination.” – Jonah Lehrer

Kingian Nonviolence – 


“The time is always right to do what is right.”

                                ― Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.


BE SURE YOU ARE READING ALL OF CELCnotes!  Let life be guided by “a basic and indestructible thread of hope.”  ~ James Thurber

Hello CELCer, glad to find you are reading CELCnotes!  For Monday, 24 January, arrive on time for 7:45 a.m. and sing a tune you prepared for Monday’s music class.  Be sure to bring your guitar to CELC! 

ALSO – be sure to have waterproof-type boots for Outdoor Education.  Rubber boots or similar will work well – you need something that can get wet/muddy and still keep your feet dry!

“Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received – only what you have given: a full heart, enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage.”      – St. Francis of Assisi


Doso guitars to borrow, along with the music binders, to practice for next class Monday, 24 January. 


Outdoor Education – CELCers Enjoy Outdoors! 

Winter Break

All day between high-curded clouds the sun

Shone down like summer on the steaming planks.

The long, bright icicles in dwindling ranks

Dripped from the murmuring eaves till one by one

They fell. As if the spring had now begun,

The quilted snow, sun-softened to the core.

Loosened and shunted with a sudden roar

From downward roofs. Not even with day done

Had ceased the sound of waters, but all night

I heard it. In my dreams forgetfully bright

Methought I wandered in the April woods,

Where many a silver-piping sparrow was,

By gurgling brooks and spouting solitudes,

And stooped, and laughed, and plucked hepaticas.

~ Archibald Lampman

Tuesday, 25 January – Yoga with Elana

Thursday, 27 January – visit to Benincasa with Lucy 


You will need to be aware of the weather conditions and dress to be outdoors. Extra layers of clothing also may be needed, depending on the day and the activity. Other items will be specified as needed for particular events. The above items are a MUST for all Outdoor Education days.

For more detail about outdoor education and other events, visit the CELC Calendar. 


“Life at CELC is unlike any other school. There is a place for any personality or learner. Through our everyday experiences we build relationships, and we become like a family. We go out into the world together. We work together and grow together. It is the best feeling to feel like you always have a place. You can just be you and find your place at CELC. It doesn’t matter what we are doing — hard and dedicated math, out in the woods, or walking the streets in Washington, D.C. – we always have a place to learn and have fun.”

Hannah, 8th-grade student at CELC