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Welcome CELCites, or is it CELCaroonies

This is your site for keeping current with homework assignments and any additional information about which you may need to be aware.

Remember to check the CELC calendar for a complete listing of our weekly field experiences and activities.

Thursday, 11 April – CELC heads to Long Wharf Theatre for matinee of An Iliad! Plan for your theatre-going apparel!

Please use this link for information about National Student Poetry Contest American Library of Poetry through Acton Library. 


Steel Pan Band  + DoSo – 

Ongoing work – continue to prepare:

Avi – practice C scale on the trumpet, scales on guitar

Emma Higgens – Santana and Annabel Lee

Emma MartinMooney – chords for Annabel Lee, organ G minor

Ethan – guitar on Santana, Proud Mary 

Harper – Techno piece piano

Julian – bass on Santana, drums on Annabel Lee, write country lyrics

Matt – keyboard

Natalia – chords on guitar – “Heaven Me” Raga España

Nick – guitar on Santana, Proud Mary

Spencer – practice rhythm on drums 

Pans: DUE MONDAY,18 March: Work with your practice pans: Under the Boardwalk + Tala piece practice 

Under the Boardwalk  by The Drifters.

DoSo – EMMA – Listen to (2) songs on the disc Mr. Mills gave to you : “Bo Diddley GTO” and “Down to the Dog Pound”

Kingian Nonviolence:  

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving forward.”  

                                                                                                                                                                              – Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Group Meeting Assignments –

The person running the meeting will post the agenda on the Wednesday before each meeting date.

Pizza Fridays

  • Two slices of pizza, milk, dessert is $8.00
  • One slice pizza, milk, dessert is $7.00


Español –  

DUE miércoles,  3 de abríl –  Imagine you will meet someone from Guatemala and want to share information to get to know one another. Choose a nationality.  Write down your nationality (any country is fine); your name; your age; and your occupation.  Create at least 5 questions (en español) to ask the person you might meet.  Examples of questions: How old are you?  What time is it?  What is your favorite food?  Be prepared to share this information during class.

Continue to read and review the Ser and Estar packet, as well as the conjugation chart for -ar, -er, -ir verbs. Be ready to answer whatever question(s) Billy poses during class. Know how to “hear” the words of his question and formulate a correct answer!

Here is a PDF link to the poems  you were each assigned. 

vocabulario: tengo hambre, tengo sueño, ¿Qué hora es? ¡No quiero bañarme! Me llamo … , mucho gusto, por la tarde, estoy cansando,            

abecedario, abuelos, aceite,  actor, actriz, amigos, árbol, ajo, bandera, biblioteca, cantante, cebolla, cocinera, cómo, conmigo, cuándo, cuidad, dentistas, deportes, dónde, la ducha, elefante, entrevista, escuela, estado, estadounidense, estudiante, familia,  fisicoculturista, Florida, guantes, Guatemala, hamburguesas, helado, hoy, huevos, ingeniero, jefe, jirafa, libros, llama, mañana, mesas, meses, muñeco, naranja, niña, niño, ollo, oraciones, palabras, pan, papas, parque, pequeño, periodismo, periodistas, perro, pimienta, pimiento, piña, poeta, por qué, presentación, qué, quién, quiénes, ramo, relación, riachuelo, rosas, ruta, sal, tomate, tortilla española, trabajador, vacaciones, yeso

bailar, beber, caminar, cantar, cocinar, comer, cortar, escribir, estar, freír, hablar, leer, picar, poder, querer, regalar, reír, romper, ser,tocar, vivir  

Continue to SING Duerme Negrito.  You may use this link to listen and sing along with Mercedes Sosa.

Math – Look for it, use it, rely on it!

NiNJa – 


Julian, Nick, Natalia –  Do p. 227 #1 + count the number of square units contained within the square of your right triangle’s hypotenuse.

Math Farmers – 


Avi + Ethan – Read pp 363 – 364 #2 + #3

Evan –  DUE upon your return: 5.18 + 5.6.3 + in Prentice Hall book Read pp 363 – 364 #2 + #3 + check back soon for more …


Matt – DUE TUESDAY, 12 MAR – Divide 22 by 7 and include as many places in your quotient as your age (i.e. if you are ten years of age, you must have up to 10 digits of “remainder” to the right of the decimal point in your quotient). 

Harper, Emma, Matt, Spencer – In class work WEDNESDAY, 20 MARCH

Spelling –

Apply what you know about spelling into all of your writing AND continue to “listen out” for wondrous words!


Nick – to be decided




Literature Circle – Under the Blood-Red Sun

All – TEST Under the Blood-Red Sun TUESDAY, 9 APRIL 2019

All – DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Read pp 195 – 244

DUE WEDNESDAY, 6 MARCH – Harper, Julian : tune-up Literature Circle folder with roles that need strengthening! 

Natalia – DUE WEDNESDAY, 20 MAR – Summarizer pp 195 – 244

Julian – DUE WEDNESDAY, 20 MAR – Vocabulary Veteran pp 195 – 244

Harper – Turn in this in written form – DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Summarizer pp 195 – 244

Harper – DUE WEDNESDAY, 20 MAR – Artful Adventurer pp 195 – 244

Matt – DUE WEDNESDAY, 20 MAR – Literary Lieutenant pp 195 – 244

Nick – DUE WEDNESDAY, 13 MAR – Literary Lieutenant pp 155 – 194

Nick – Complete this to minimum of five words – DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Vocabulary Veteran pp 195 – 244

Nick – DUE WEDNESDAY, 20 MAR – Literary Lieutenant pp 195 – 244

Ethan –  DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Discussion Director pp 195 – 244

Evan – DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Character Captain pp 195 – 244

Spencer – DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Character Captain pp 195 – 244

Emma – DUE WEDNESDAY, 20 MAR –  Artful Adventurer pp 195 – 244

Avi –  DUE TUESDAY, 19 MAR – Discussion Director pp 195 – 244

Current Events – 

DUE MONDAY, 1 APR – Read a newspaper article about an INTERNATIONAL (anywhere in the world other than U.S.)  event! 

Read it enough times to understand it.

Look at a map, and KNOW where within the world your news is happening.

Be ready in class to share what you learned.

Have with you in class the actual newspaper article. This will assist you to field questions from your classmates!


Everyone: Have theme resources AND library card with you at CELC!

Due Wednesday, 3 April : 1st Check-in for Notes 

All notes should be taken on index cards (other methods must be approved by M or M). Each card must refer specifically to the outline (ex.: I / 2 / a ; we will go over this method in class). 

Please refer to detailed list of all assignments – here is a PDF link to Heritage and Ethnicity Research Paper Requirements handout.

Topic assignments:

Avi – Mexico; Emma- Guatemala; Ethan – Cambodia; Evan – China; Harper – Germany; Julian – Cuba; Matt – Japan; Natalia – Italy; Nick – forced migration (slavery in U.S.A.) / Nigeria; Spencer – Ireland

Reading –

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE PERSONAL READING BOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! ** If you are about to finish a book, make certain you are prepared with a new one as well **

Writers’ Workshop / CELC Blog

DUE by Thursday, 21  March –  Share your final drafts / newspaper template stories with mandm, 

Fun & Games:  EH, EM, NB; Why Cook? ER, NS; About CELC: ES, JS; Interview: AY, HR; Special Events: SN, MG

Check out your Community Dining Room articles!

CT History –

DUE Thursday, 21 March: Group Collaboration: Print script for in-class read through.

Avi – DUE Tuesday, 2 April – Rough draft of program

DUE before Iceland adventure: compete and share scene 2.5

DUE Thursday, 4 March: Completed play written and perfumed by CT History CELCers.

In-class work commences toward creation of CT History play.  Consider characters, setting, action, etc. to portray the history of this time period.

Following are sections and person responsible for each as assigned –

Section#1 Founding of Three River Towns; Section#2 Creation of Fundamental Orders; Section #3 Delegation to England to obtain permission for Charter; Section #3.5 King James takes the throne and declares Edmund Andros Governor of Dominion of New England; Section #4 Andros sails to Saybrook to try to get Charter but then retreats; Section #5 Andros and his magistrates come to Hartford and take part in meeting to obtain Charter; Section #6 Charter is hidden in Oak tree during meeting; Section #7 Glorious Revolution and King James II removed from power; Section #8 Andros arrested and jailed; Section #9 CT Charter restored and original government put back in place.

US History –

THURSDAY, 21 MAR – Prepare for quiz based on reading from Southern Colonies section.

Science –

ALL: Continue with the Evolution Lab by signing in using this link. 

Evan- This is a lab that is part of Nova Labs.  Please go to the above link.  You will see on left side of the page a choice to select “evolution lab”.  You will need to create an account on PBS which you will be prompted to do (be sure to answer “yes” to question at to of page stating CPTV is your local PBS station).  Once you have the account, sign in.  Before beginning the lab, please view the following videos and understand what is required, and then.you may complete the 6 Missions that are part of the Evolution Lab.

Video link  view: DNA Spells Evolution; Biogeography – Where Life Lives; Fossils – Rocking the Earth; Evolution 101; and Training Trees (this final video will introduce you to the lab).

Also, for Evan – you missed the science exam.  In addition to the above lab, please answer the following two questions, without referring to any notes:

  1. What is the difference between an adaptation and natural selection?
  2. Compare and contrast mitosis with meiosis.

DUE Thursday, 4 April  – Biographical sketch 

Based on the research about the life of your scientist/inventor, write a short biographical summary about this person. Include information about childhood, education, why / how this persons immigrated, and what made this person’s work significant in their particular field of study. 

Tuesday, 16 April: Immigrant / African-American Scientist and Inventors Fair/Share

Refer to scientists and inventors project handout for details and assignment due dates for this project. 

Outdoor Education –

Thursday, 21 March – Community Dining Room


You will need to be aware of the weather conditions and dress to be outdoors. Extra layers of clothing may also be needed, depending on the day and the activity. Other items will be specified as needed for particular events. The above items are a MUST for all Outdoor Education days.

For more detail about outdoor education and other events, visit the CELC Calendar. 


Hello CELCer, FUNCASH for Wednesday, 21 March 2019: Be on time and tell us a fact Spring Equinox. What is it? BE SURE YOU ARE READING ALL OF CELCnotes!

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“Life at CELC is unlike any other school. There is a place for any personality or learner. Through our everyday experiences we build relationships, and we become like a family. We go out into the world together. We work together and grow together. It is the best feeling to feel like you always have a place. You can just be you and find your place at CELC. It doesn’t matter what we are doing — hard and dedicated math, out in the woods, or walking the streets in Washington, D.C. – we always have a place to learn and have fun.”

Hannah, 8th-grade student at CELC