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Welcome CELCites, or is it CELCaroonies?! 

Meet at the Branford Train Station Thursday, 15 NOV at 6:30 a.m. with ALL that you need for success!

CELC IS NOT is session Monday, 19 NOV 2018 – FRIDAY, 23 NOV 2018. Happy Thanksgiving!

If your extra, dry clothing needs to be replenished to your CELC gear, please remember to do so!

Study Hall (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays) runs 3:15 p.m. – 4:15.  Dismissal Thursdays and Fridays is 3:00 p.m.

This is your site for keeping current with homework assignments and any additional information about which you may need to be aware.

Remember to check the CELC calendar for a complete listing of our weekly field experiences and activities.

Drama class at Long Wharf – DUE Friday, 9 November: Prepare a way to “perform” your name story. Use the  following journal questions as inspiration.

The Story of your Name

Please share the story of your name with as much detail as you know and are willing to share questions to consider:

What is your full name?

Do you willingly share your middle name?  Why or why not?

Where did your name come from? 

What does your name mean?

What nationality is your name and is it a common or unique name in that culture?

Do you have a nickname? Tell us where that came from?


Geography Bee

Due Friday, 30 NOV –

  1. Continue to practice and learn your US states and capitals – see links below.  You may also use other resources to learn this information.  Be able to fill in a blank map during class 30 November.
  2. Identify an item you believe is constructed of materials form different parts of the world, or different states in the U.S.A. Create a hand-drawn map detailing the route of these items leading to you.

Geography Bee practice resources:

U.S.A. state practice 

states and capitals practice 

National Geographic Geography Bee study corner 



Steel Pan Band  Continue to play your D Major and G Major scales using your practice pans.

G Major:  G A B C D E F# G.                        D Major: D E F# G A B C# D

DUE Monday, 26 NOV:

Group 2 – Spencer, Emma, Nick, Ethan – Learn entire melody and bridge for Maryanne + practice strum patterns

Group 1: Evan, Avi, Natalia, Julian, Matt – Practice your new song, based on G A B E D ~ rock it!

Kingian Nonviolence:

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving forward.”  

                                                                                                                                                                              – Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

DUE Monday, 26 NOV –  

Try to identify type of conflict(s) that you observe.  Bring examples to class.

pathway – same goals, different vision

mutually exclusive – different vision/goals but choose to work together

distributive – not enough resources to go around (perceived)

values – different goals and different vision (this conflict is embedded within each of the above)

Group Meeting Assignments –

The person running the meeting will post the agenda on the Wednesday before each meeting date.

Pizza Fridays

  • Two slices of pizza, milk, dessert is $8.00
  • One slice pizza, milk, dessert is $7.00


Español –  

miércoles,  14 de noviembre –  learn the words that Billy gave with the “r” sound and the “ñ” sound 

vocabulario: tengo hambre, tengo sueño, palabras,  ¿Qué hora es? ¡No quiero bañarme! Me llamo … , Mucho gusto          

abecedario, aceite,  actor, actriz, árbol, ajo, bandera, biblioteca, cantante, cebolla, cuidad, deportes, elefante, estado, estudiante, familia,  fisicoculturista, Florida, guantes, Guatemala, huevos, ingeniero, jefe, jirafa, llama, mañana, muñeco, niña, niño, pan, papas, pequeño, perro, pimienta, pimiento, piña, pollo, ramo, relación, riachuelo, rosas, ruta, sal, tomate, tortilla española, trabajador, yeso

caminar, cocinar, cortar, freír, picar, regalar, reír, romper  

Math – Look for it, use it, rely on it!

Math Farmers EAA – DUE Thursday, 15 NOV:   

Evan – Do p. 158 #86 + p. 160 #1 – 6

Ethan – Do p. 157 any three examples

Avi – Do p. 157 #78 + p. 160 #1 – 6

NNinJa – DUE Thursday, 15 NOV: 

Julian, Natalia, Nick : Do chapter review – three examples form each section + prepare for CH 1 test for Tuesday, 27 NOV


Harper, Emma, Matt, Spencer – MONDAY, 26 NOV – In class work

Spelling –

Continue listening out for wonderous words!


Natalia (Chapter 8) Chapter TEST MONDAY, 3 DEC

Evan (Chapter 8), Ethan (Chapter 11) Chapter TEST WEDNESDAY, 5 DEC


Spencer – (SHAJE) – Read pp 270-271; do p 271 Ex # 9


Emma – (SHAJE) – Read pp 268-269; do p 269 Ex # 7 and Read pp 270 -271 Ex # 9

Harper – (SHAJE) – Read pp 270 -271 Ex # 9

Spencer, Avi, Julian – (SHAJE) – Read pp 272 – 273; do p 273 Ex # 10

Nick (NNE) – Read pp 400 – 401; do p 401 Ex # 6

Ethan (NNE) – Read pp 406 – 409; do Ex #1 – Ex # 3

Matt (ME) – Read pp 328 – 329; p 329 Ex # 7

Evan (ME) – Read pp 334 – 337; do Ex #1 – Ex # 4

Natalia (NNE) – Read pp 352 – 353; do p 353 Ex # 2 and Ex # 3  


Literature Circle – Bread and Roses, Too !

LITERATURE TEST is WEDNESDAY, 28 NOVEMBER 2018   vocabulary – Bread and Roses

All – DUE  Tuesday, 13 NOV – Read pp 233 – 266

Nick – DUE  Tuesday, 13 NOV – Connector Corporal  pp 233 – 266

Natalia DUE  Tuesday, 13 NOV – Discussion Director  pp 233 – 266

Julian – Wednesday, 14 NOV – Discussion Director  pp 233 – 266

Matt – DUE Wednesday, 14 NOV – Connector Corporal  pp 233 – 266

Emma – DUE Tuesday, 13 NOV – Vocabulary Veteran 233 – 266 (anywhere between 5 and 10 words) Include word, part of speech, page number, definition 

Ethan – DUE  Tuesday, 13 NOV – Character Captain pp 233 – 266

Harper – DUE Wednesday, 14 NOV – Literary Lieutenant  pp 233 – 266

Spencer – DUE Wednesday, 14 NOV – Artful Adventurer  pp 233 – 266

Evan – DUE Wednesday,14 NOV – Artful Adventurer  pp 233 – 266

Avi – DUE Wednesday, 14 NOV – Vocabulary Veteran 233 – 266 (anywhere between 5 and 10 words) Include word, part of speech, page number, definition 

Current Events – 

DUE MONDAY, 26 NOV – Read a newspaper article about a local (within 2 mile radius of where you live)  event! 

Read it enough times to understand it.

Be ready in class to share what you learned.

Have with you in class the actual newspaper article. This will assist you to field questions from your classmates!


ALL – Refer to your “to do” list developed in class. Be working on your scrapbook sections.  Develop questions.  Speak with relatives.  Take notes on what you discover! Collect artifacts.

DUEWednesday, 28 November Section #3

DUE Wednesday, 12 December: Section #4

DUE Wednesday, 9 January: Section #5 

DUE Wednesday, 23 January: Section #6

DUE Wednesday, 6 February: Section #7 

DUE WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH : Family History Scrapbook 

Refer to this link for downloadable PDF fo FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH PROJECT  with detailed information and due dates.

Reading –

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE PERSONAL READING BOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! ** If you are about to finish a book, make certain you are prepared with a new one as well **

Hello CELCer, FUNCASH  Friday, 16 NOV –  Be on time and answer these : where is Madagascar located and which ocean surrounds the island of Madagascar ?

Writers’ Workshop / CELC Blog

DUE: Friday, 9 NOV – d dialogue activity sheet

DUE Tuesday, 13 NOV – first draft of “memory story”

DUE by Friday, 16 NOV – 2 peer conferences

DUE Monday, 26 NOV – final draft “memory story”

You are creating a character based on yourself.  Write the story from the perspectives of your three of the most important characters.  Write the same scene from each of these perspectives. Use “third person” point of view, i.e.  from each person’s point of view as told by the narrator.

CT History –

DUE Thursday, 15 NOV – (test will take place on Metro North railroad on way to NYC) CT map from memory test = outline; borders; Connecticut River (Old Saybrook); Quinnipiac River (New Haven);  Thames River (New London); identify highest point in Connecticut; identify location of your town

US History –

DUE Thursday, 15 NOV – Read pp 48 – 49 The arrival of Cortés and The defeat of the Aztecs

Wednesday, 28 NOV – in class work

Science –

Nice work Nick, Julian, Ethan, Natalia, Matt, Emma, Avi, Harper, Evan, Spencer! 

DUE Tuesday, 13 NOV –

Avi, Harper – Be prepared to share information, including a diagram to explain how hurricanes form.

DUE Tuesday, 13 NOV – weather quiz. Refer  to study guide handed out in class + the links below. 

Weather web page

Avi / Harper – hurricanes  –  Be ready to present Tuesday, 6 NOV

hurricanes website 

Julian / Nick – weather + climate (compare and contrast)  

climate website 

Ethan / Natalia – clouds + rain    

clouds website

rain website

Evan / Spencer – lightening – Be ready to present Tuesday, 6 NOV

lightning website   

Matt / Emma – wind + tornadoes  – Be ready to present Tuesday, 6 NOV

tornado website 

Outdoor Education –

Thursday, 15 NOV – Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty


You will need to be aware of the weather conditions and dress to be outdoors. Extra layers of clothing may also be needed, depending on the day and the activity. Other items will be specified as needed for particular events. The above items are a MUST for all Outdoor Education days.

For more detail about outdoor education and other events, visit the CELC Calendar. 

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“Life at CELC is unlike any other school. There is a place for any personality or learner. Through our everyday experiences we build relationships, and we become like a family. We go out into the world together. We work together and grow together. It is the best feeling to feel like you always have a place. You can just be you and find your place at CELC. It doesn’t matter what we are doing — hard and dedicated math, out in the woods, or walking the streets in Washington, D.C. – we always have a place to learn and have fun.”

Hannah, 8th-grade student at CELC