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Welcome CELCites, or is it CELCaroonies?!

This is your site for keeping current with homework assignments and any additional information about which you may need to be aware.

Remember to check the CELC calendar for a complete listing of our weekly field experiences and activities.

CELC IS NOT in session Wednesday, 20 DEC 2017 through TUESDAY, 2 JAN 2018.

CELC returns WEDNESDAY, 3 JAN 2018 at 7:45 a.m. as a regular schedule

For weather closings or delays, CELC will post information at WTNH (channel 8) and WVIT (local channel 4)

Drama Workshop –

Awesome, you evil nature villains!

Geography Bee  – Here are some links to sites that you can check out as you home your geography knowledge!


map quiz games – scroll down the page to find lots of interactive map quiz options

Free Rice – this site has all subjects, you can select geography.  Correct answers equal grains of rice donated to the World Food Pogramme to help end hunger!

National Geographic Geography Bee – helpful information about the Geography Bee.  Select “study guide” for the practice quiz and more!

National Geographic Interactive Map – interactive world map

Kingian Nonviolence  –

DUE MONDAY, 8 JAN – Bring in an example of a real-life conflict.  Briefly describe it in writing and identify the type and level.

Pizza Fridays

  • Two slices of pizza, milk, dessert is $7.00
  • One slice pizza, milk, dessert is $6.00


Español –

All – KEEP studying your vocabulary throughout winter break!

In class work Wednesday, 3 JAN 2018!

Link to El alfabeto song

All – check out www.duolingo.com

¡Siete veces por la semana, quince minutos cada día = practicar la lengua!

vocabulario para estudiar y aprender : abril, agosto, arroz, caer, cereal, correr, decir, dibujar, diciembre, domingo, enero, febrero, fruta, gritar, hamburguesas, hamburguesa con queso, helado, huevos, jamón, jueves, junio, julio, leche, lunes, martes, marzo, mayo, meses, miércoles, morir, noviembre, octubre, página, pan, pasta, pescado, pimientos rojos, pollo, querer, sábado, salmón, salsa picante, saltar, semana, septiembre, sushi, tocino, tomate, tostadas, viernes, volver, yo tengo hambre, yo tengo diez años, yo tengo once años, yo tengo doce años, yo tengo cincuenta y cinco años

Math – NI (Nick, Izzy) –

**Prepare shape for area quiz**

Izzy  – DUE TUESDAY, 19 DEC – Read pp 426 – 428 + do all Check Understandings #1 – 4 AND READ pp 420 – 421 + do check understanding 1 a., b., c

Nick – DUE TUESDAY, 19 DEC – Do p. 53 #5 all

Math – GLAM (Gray, Lorenzo, August, Matt)

Lorenzo, August, Matt – Work everyday on your multiplication and division facts

Gray, Lorenzo, Matt – In class work Tuesday, 19 DEC

Spelling –

Keep on the listen out for words in your world!

Grammar – 

ALM (Matt) – In class work Tuesday, 19 DEC – Read pp 266 – 267; do p 267 Ex # 6

ALM (Lorenzo) – In class work Tuesday, 19 DEC – Read pp 270 – 271; do p 271 Ex # 9

ING (Izzy) – DUE Monday, 11 DEC – Read pp 360 – 361; do p 361 Ex # 2 + Read pp 362 – 363; do p 363 Ex # 3

ING (Izzy) – In class work Tuesday, 19 DEC –  Read pp 364 – 365; do p 365 Ex # 4

ING (Nicholas, Gray) – In class work Tuesday, 19 DEC –  Read pp 366 – 367; do p 367 Ex # 5

Literature Circle – 

All – DUE Tuesday, 19 DEC – Read Children of the Noah pp 224 – 242

Izzy – turn in this – DUE Wednesday, 6 DEC – Connector Corporal pp 171 – 204

Izzy – turn in this  – DUE Wednesday, 6 DEC – Literary Lieutenant pp 171 – 204

Izzy – DUE Tuesday, 12 DEC  – Connector Corporal pp 205 – 224

Izzy – DUE Wednesday, 13 DEC – Literary Lieutenant pp 205 – 224

Nick – DUE Tuesday, 19 DEC –  Literary Lieutenant pp 224 – 242

– DUE Tuesday, 19 DEC – Discussion Director pp 224 – 242

Matt – finish this – DUE Wednesday, 6 DEC – Artful Adventurer pp 171 – 204

Matt – DUE Wednesday, 13 DEC – Artful Adventurer pp 205 – 224

Gray – DUE Wednesday, 13 DEC – Vocabulary Veteran pp 205 – 224

Gray – DUE Tuesday, 19 DEC  – Character Captain pp 224 – 242

August – DUE Wednesday, 13 DEC – Summarizer pp 205 – 224

Current Events – DUE Monday, 8 JAN

National news for the second term!
Read a newspaper article about a national story (somewhere, anywhere except Connecticut).
Read it enough times so that you understand it and will be able to share what you know.

Look on a map and be ready to describe where in the country the news takes place.
Bring the actual article with you to class.


DUE TUESDAY, 19 DEC – Research more about the different energy sources that were discussed in class.  Write down your top three choices that you would like to focus on for your theme research paper and project; be sure to explain your reasons and interests for each of your choices.

Use these links to begin your research:

renewable and nonrenewable energy sources

energy sources

Reading –

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE PERSONAL READING BOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! ** If you are about to finish a book, make certain you are prepared with a new one as well **

Hello CELCer, FUNCASH for TUESDAY, 19 DEC:  recite in Spanish the six new action verbs that we studied in last Wednesday’s class, along with their English meanings [Hint: they are listed within the ever-growing vocabulary!]

Writers’ Workshop / CELC Blog –

DUE Monday, 8 January –

Do a minimum of three “non-stop writing” sessions focusing on your story topic. Consider information about characters, setting, plot, theme. Include sensory language in your writing.

CT History –

DUE Tuesday, 19 December – Write a descriptive paragraph for the Algonquin village.

August: canoe + meat drying/smoking

Lorenzo: stockade + introduction of village

Matt: three sisters garden + animal parts usage

Nick: longhouse + wigwam

US History –

Izzy – complete this : DUE Wednesday, 13 DEC – Read pp 62 – 64 + PPL ( People Only) : Giovanni da Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Louis Joliet, Father Jacques Marquette, Robert de La Salle

Science –

Think about the waves in the world!

Outdoor Education –

Tuesday, 19 DEC – Common Ground


You will need to be aware of the weather conditions and dress to be outdoors. Extra layers of clothing may also be needed, depending on the day and the activity. Other items will be specified as needed for particular events. The above items are a MUST for all Outdoor Education days.

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