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Welcome CELCites, or is it CELCaroonies?!

This is your site for keeping current with homework assignments and any additional information about which you may need to be aware.

Remember to check the CELC calendar for a complete listing of our weekly field experiences and activities.

Due to snowy/icy conditions, CELC will have a 2-hour delay today, Thursday, 22 March.  Please arrive between 9:45 a.m. – 9:55 a.m. for a 10:00 a.m. start.

Storm closings or delayed openings are posted to WTNH (Channel 8) and WVIT (local Channel 4). Please look for CT Experiential Learning Center as its own line item!

MUSIC –  Those who were given a CD are asked to listen to music and rehearse lyrics.

.B with GAIL for FRIDAY, 23 MAR – Practice walking meditation AT LEAST (3) times between Friday, 23 February and Thursday, 22 March. Know your surroundings; decide which walking meditation you would like to practice; choose wisely !

Group Meeting Assignments – the person running the meeting will post the agenda on the Wednesday before each meeting date.

August: 4 MAY    Gray: 18 MAY; 13 JUN     Izzy: 13 APR; 1 JUN     Matt: 20 APR; 11 MAY       Nick: 23 MAR; 27 APR

Kingian Nonviolence  – In-class work continues

Pizza Fridays

  • Two slices of pizza, milk, dessert is $7.00
  • One slice pizza, milk, dessert is $6.00


Español –

Matt – turn in this – DUE WEDNESDAY, 28 FEB – Write (10) sentences, using VARIETY of conjugated forms of beber.

All – KEEP studying your vocabulary, especially concentrating on new verbs!

In class work Wednesday, 28 MAR 2018!

Link to El alfabeto song

All – check out www.duolingo.com

¡Siete veces por la semana, quince minutos cada día = practicar la lengua!

vocabulario para estudiar y aprender : abril, agosto, arroz, asar, beber, caer, café, cereal, comer, correr, decir, dibujar, diciembre, domingo, enero, febrero, freír, fruta, gritar, hamburguesas, hamburguesa con queso, helado, huevos, jamón, jueves, junio, julio, leche, lechuga, limonada, lunes, martes, marzo, mayo, meses, miércoles, morir, noviembre, octubre, página, pan, pasta, pescado, pimientos rojos, pollo, querer, refrescos, sábado, salmón, salsa picante, saltar, sangre, seguir, semana, septiembre, sushi, té, tocino, tomate, tostadas, viernes, volar, yo tengo hambre, yo tengo diez años, yo tengo once años, yo tengo doce años, yo tengo cincuenta y cinco años

Math – NI (Nick, Izzy) –

Izzy – Complete pp 14 -15 Problem 1.4 A – E

Math – GAM (Gray, August, Matt)

Gray, August, Matt – Work everyday on your multiplication and division facts

Gray, August, Matt – In class work Thursday, 22 MAR

Spelling –

DUE Monday, 26 March – 3/1 words

Steps:  1) LISTEN for words of interest 2) Write down each word, spelled correctly, and give the definition 3) Use the word in a sentence OR draw picture to show meaning 4) Give part of speech.

1 word: “petulant”.  ***follow steps #2 – 4 for this “1 word”

Grammar – 

Literature Circle – Watership Down

Gray – DUE TUESDAY, 27 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Discussion Director

Gray – DUE WEDNESDAY, 28 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Discussion Director

August – DUE TUESDAY, 27 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Connector Corporal

August – DUE WEDNESDAY, 28 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Literary Lieutenant

Matt – DUE TUESDAY, 27 MAR – beyond Chapters 1 – 5,  beyond p 34 – Predictor

Matt – DUE WEDNESDAY, 28 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Character Captain

Nick – DUE TUESDAY, 27 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Artful Adventurer

Nick – DUE WEDNESDAY, 28 MAR – Chapters 1 – 5   pp 11 – 34 – Vocabulary Veteran

Current Events – DUE Monday, 26 MAR

International news for the third term!
Read a newspaper article about an international story (somewhere, anywhere except United States).
Read it enough times so that you understand it and will be able to share what you know.

Look on a map and be ready to describe where within the world the news takes place.
Bring the actual article with you to class.


*** Refer to this link for PDF version of  Theme Paper Ecology-Sustainablity handout ***

Video – Unlimited: Renewable Energy in the 21st Century

Due Thursday, 25 January : Outline Feedback Session in-class. Bring working outline to class with questions as we work toward completion.

Due Thursday, 1 February : Outline; use the outline structure as given in class.

Due Thursday, 8 February : 1st Check-in for Notes

Due Thursday, 15 February : 2nd Check-in for Notes

Due Wednesday, 28 February : Final Check-in for Notes

MATT – turn in this – Due Monday, 12 March : Rough Draft, which means polished to the best of your ability!

MATT – turn in this – Due Thursday, 15 March : Three Visuals

ALL – DUE THURSDAY, 22 March : Works Cited page

Due date is adjusted DateToBeAnnounced  : Final Draft of Completed Paper

Friday, 8 June : Theme Event 

Reading –

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE PERSONAL READING BOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! ** If you are about to finish a book, make certain you are prepared with a new one as well **

Hello CELCer, FUNCASH for THURSDAY,  22 MAR:  Arrive on time and describe how the position of the Earth differs during Solstice and Equinox?

Writers’ Workshop / CELC Blog –

DUE Monday, 26 March –

  1. Read your “questions for memoirists”.  Use a separate sheet of paper to jot down notes / answer each question.  
  2. Continue working to add to your heart map.

CT History –

LOOK at this adjustment ! DUE Thursday, 22 March – QUIZ.  Study pp 21 – 23 and review class notes.

US History –

Gray, Izzy – Look at this adjustment – DUE THURSDAY, 22 MAR – Read pp 87  – 89

Izzy – DUE WEDNESDAY, 14 MAR – Read pp 83 – 86

Izzy – turn in this – DUE Thursday, 22 FEB – Read pp 78 – 82; do p 82 Defining Terms (DT) : predestination, Mayflower Compact, separation of church and state AND People and Places (PPL) : Pilgrims, Puritans, Separatists, Roger Williams, Thomas Hooker, Anne Hutchinson, Metacomet

Izzy – turn in this – DUE Wednesday, 14 FEB – Read pp 73 – 77; do p 77 Discussing Main Ideas (DMI) # 5, # 4, # 3 in that order, trying to complete without looking at your notes or textbook

Izzy – turn in this – DUE WEDNESDAY, 24 JAN – Read pp 68 – 72; do People and Places (PPL) p 72

Izzy – turn in this – DUE Wednesday, 17 JAN – p 64 DMI #1, # 4 – write without referring to your notes. This will give you a good indication how well you understand French explorers!

Science –

DUE Thursday, 22 March –

1. cover textbook

2. Read/skim through textbook.  What do you notice?  Write down questions and/or thoughts about you are curious about.

Outdoor Education –

Thursday, 22 March – Trap Rock Ridge Camp

Monday, 26 March – Bushy Hill Nature Center

Tuesday, 27 March – New Haven home visit + New Haven Museum

Thursday, 29 March – Everyone Outside with Lucy Meigs


You will need to be aware of the weather conditions and dress to be outdoors. Extra layers of clothing may also be needed, depending on the day and the activity. Other items will be specified as needed for particular events. The above items are a MUST for all Outdoor Education days.

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“Life at CELC is unlike any other school. There is a place for any personality or learner. Through our everyday experiences we build relationships, and we become like a family. We go out into the world together. We work together and grow together. It is the best feeling to feel like you always have a place. You can just be you and find your place at CELC. It doesn’t matter what we are doing — hard and dedicated math, out in the woods, or walking the streets in Washington, D.C. – we always have a place to learn and have fun.”

Hannah, 8th-grade student at CELC