“There is never a good time to write a book and if you are waiting around for the right time, don’t!  Just start.”                                  –  Evan DeCarlo

Even as a three-year old at Wightwood School, Evan DeCarlo’s curiosity and creativity was vibrantly evident.  As he came into the middle school, he was already a writer, in a big way.

Evan recently published his first novel, Children of the Noah, The Barren Earth. CELCers just finished reading Children of the Noah as part of Literature Circle class.  Today, Evan visited CELC and spoke with students about his life experience and writing.   He shared how much writing means to him.  Stories.  Writers love stories, and Evan brought that love with him as he inspired students to consider the importance of the stories in their lives.

Children of The Noah CELC and Evan DeCarlo

Students listened and asked a lot of questions. Laughter and sharing; learning is like that, when students find joy in such real-life authentic experiences.  Evan described his process in writing this novel, from the idea stage to the day-to-day tasks.  Once he had reached his first hundred pages, he felt he had a solid piece of work.  From that point forward, Evan committed to write two thousand words per day.   He collaborated with fellow student Raisha Friedman, of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, who illustrated the book.


Evan spoke about the challenges of writing.  What happens when a writer gets stuck?  Getting a new perspective, speaking with friends, taking a short break.  Writing is hard work.

This story contains a complex plot, including time travel, apocalyptic events, and adolescent relationships.  Evan’s characters truly come alive.  In speaking about how he creates such real characters, Evan described how a writer knows the characters are alive when they “start speaking to you”.  Working out a plot requires much thought and planning; however, the characters are easier, Evan says – he plans the story and then lets the characters react within the world of the story.

Children of The Noah CELC and Evan DeCarloEvan actively speaks at libraries and bookstores throughout Connecticut and New York about his novel and new works to come.  We greatly look forward to more by Evan.  The second in the Children of the Noah series is almost finished.  We can hardly wait!Children of The Noah CELC and Evan DeCarlo

Here are some student impressions of their reading of The Children of the Noah:

“Reading the Children of the Noah is affecting my life in a positive way.  I really look forward to reading this book.  It transports me to another place, to go and be.  His words inspire me to write more of my own stories.  For example, Evan DeCarlo is constantly driving and pushing my curiosity deeper and deeper into his story.”     –    L. Roberts

The Children of the Noah is making me feel different, confident in myself because I have read half the book in about three months.  I have a different idea of reading now; I used to feel scared about reading.  The author is making me feel better about reading.”

–   S. Burdick

“The most emotional part of the story, by far, was the incredibly well-written deaths of Adam Sacks and Lazlo.  I was really broken up about it.  The last time a character’s death was that brilliantly written was the death of Dumbledore.  Overall, I really like the Children of the Noah.  It asks interesting questions that really made me think and had emotional parts that made me, well, emotional.  And that’s all you can really ask for.”

                                                                                                               –   J. BarrettChildren of The Noah CELC and Evan DeCarlo