nh park and rec groupStudents arrive to the recipe they would delve into in for Why Cook? class; this week it is Chicken Pot Pie. Using raw ingredients and cooking from “scratch”, the morning includes making pastry crust, roux, and all the chopping of vegetables they were able to manage! The room soon fills with home cooked aroma!

After this culinary quest, the group works together to draft and publish a blog that documents the cooking protocol needed to create their delicacy, giving advice to others who may wish to attempt this recipe.

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Students practice the B-flat scale for steel pan orchestra class, leaning to play Mary Ann, a well-known calypso song by Harry Belafonte.

Some students stay at CELC to work with local artist Tess Morrison. This group contemplates “yeahs” and “aaaws” in a variety of categories, both internal and external, in relation to themselves and their lives, designing a multi-media booklet using collage techniques.

The other part of the group journeys to a woodworking class with master craftsman Ken Rowe of Krowe’s Nest School of Woodworking in Durham, CT. This class involves so many areas of learning, from understanding the nature of different types of wood to measuring and figuring how to craft an inlay wooden box. Ken instructs students in the proper use of power tools, such as router and table saw. Life’s real lessons can come in such unexpected ways.

CELC brings students many and varied experiences – no two days alike at CELC. The constant, though, is that students continue to expand upon who they are as they experience such learning and such life!