—  written by CELC student Cole

It was the first morning waking up in Washington D.C. with my classmates from our school, the Connecticut Experiential Learning Center. We call it CELC.

I opened my very blurry eyes and took the sheets off my head. I looked to my left. Huh? An odd face, which turned out to belong to my friend AJ. I said, “What the deuce!” I then remembered our sleeping arrangements and calmed down, resigning myself from pushing AJ off the bed.

I looked forward to this trip since it had been announced two months earlier. I was mainly excited because I would be able to get all dressed up in my nice clothes. It was amusing when my friend AJ started a little competition to see how many women on the streets would stare at me compared to him – I won with 212 “stares”!

A highlight of the first day was going to the White House.  Before I knew it, I was stepping up the marble stairs with my penny loafers and handsome suit, which I’m sure others noticed. I’m sure the security officers didn’t notice, which was good since they are mostly men. We waited in line – obviously security had to come first! I worried about whether or not I had forgotten something in my pockets that would get me pulled over, and this made me very nervous. While we waited, we met Bo, the White House dog who romped 4 feet away from us.

Once we got inside it was easy to realize my favorite room of all was the Blue Ribbon room. Everything in it had a blue ribbon on it – the entire White House was very impressive, to say the least.

All in all it was another very good trip with my classmates of CELC.