— written by CELC student AJ


“Huh? This is irrelevant, playing this game. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Come on.”

“Cole, it’s your turn,” Ms. Melinda says. She’s a teacher at CELC. Cole, a CELC student, AKA Boss, picks up a card. It states something about dealing with treating a person in a positive way. A moment of silence comes to the room. Jakob giggles, then the rest of us giggle – maybe we are all thinking instead of the negative ways rather than the positive options while playing this particular Domino game. The Domino game involves answering questions – if one is right, then a matching domino may be placed.

Thus Trimester Champs concludes. A brief moment, yet fifteen minutes each morning to get our school day started in a cooperative way. “Time for Spanish class,” my mind thinks loudly. Lately Spanish is difficult – we have recently taken a real test, not just a practice one. I think I did well, but I’m not sure. Now, two hours have passed and I’m writing a blog in a writing class, which is awesome. I ask Ms. Melinda, “How does this sound?”  in order to structure my piece of work.

“Change asked to said”, Ms. Melinda tells me. I feel like I have someone sincere helping me.

Next,  to Ms. Maria, “ Aren’t we going to literature circle?”

“Continue doing what you are doing.”

I am excited  to go on our trip to Guilford’s forest. I think I am going to see lizards, cherry wood, birds, and fish. I am so excited that my heart is beating fast as I am writing this blog. Now it’s  literature circle class, and I have permisssion to continue writing. This is the last class till we leave for Guilford, I think.thirty more minutes until we leave. I ask Liam, “ What would you do if you were a high-level assassin?” but it is irrelevant to school topics. Wow, it’s lunch, and I’m so hungry. Finally, we’re on our way to Guilford!

Ms. Melinda’s says, “On-site reporter, on-site reporter,” while walking Santana, our CELC doggie mascot. We are on our way, and there is nonstop, noisy chatter about pie and stuff. Then … a change of plans. We are going to Durham Public Library, meeting with Ranger Lucy, to learn about geology. Maybe outside will still happen. The rain is quite annoying. Too loud. Drip, drip, drip. Why, why, WHY does it have to rain when it just snowed and everything is finally drying. Now everything is wet! I feel trepidation because if we go outside, I might slip and fall and get all wet … ugh, butterflies in my stomach!

Durham Public LibraryWe’re now in Durham at the Durham Library. “Yeah!” I exclaim. We are seated in the basement of the library, and Ms. Lucy asks us our names and which animals we like best.

“I am Jakob, and I like the parasite.”

“I am Cole, and I like newts.”

“I am Julia, and I like salamanders.” Ms. Lucy, Cole, and Jakob talk to each other about animals that live in water.

Ms. Lucy explains, “Primaries are eaten by secondary consumers. Now I am going to identify the dragonfly nymph.”

“Cool!”  I find out that a dragonfly lives in its skin and transforms in its own skin while it is moving. Awesome!

Soon I identify the water scorpion. I am feeling a bit suspicious about Ms. Maria because she is still on the same page in her book, now for more than forty-five seconds. I stand and stretch and watch Ms. Maria, who is seated at the edge of the class I am in.  Hmmmmm … I come back to my focus – I draw a water scorpion. Liam is describing the water strider, the wiggler, so he says. “ … walks on top of the water, a secondary consumer, tufts on each leg, fangs, and born in vernal pools.”

Nolan is describing an amphibious snail – “ … slithers on ponds and rocks. Decomposer. Preyed upon by turtles, birds, and when it is small, it is preyed upon by larvae.”

“Huh?” We read about vernal pools. I learn again about rocks, and I categorize them igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.Durham Public Library

We head back to CELC. What an incredible day!