— written by CELC student Nolan

It’s already  my third day in Washington, D.C. and tomorrow I leave on a train back home. I have been looking forward to today because we’re going to The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. When we first arrived at the museum, we had to get lunch because we had not packed any. We quickly sat and ate McDonald’s – it seemed to take forever as I was so excited to go look around the museum. With lunch done, we went off in our groups. Jakob and I went together. We first checked out some rockets and planes.We were able to walk right inside in the planes and see the cockpit and experience everything. Next , upstairs to see more exhibits. What’s this? A simulator ride!

Jakob and I dashed to check it out. It cost $16.00, but we did not care. It was such fun! Jakob got to shoot, while I flew.  Jakob would not stop firing until he finally hit another plane. I was about the worst pilot ever – if you are not careful when flying, it’s easy to end up upside down.

Jakob and I went and looked at some other exhibits. We also asked if Jakob’s grandfather was part of the Apollo Mission exhibit because he had worked on those missions. The museum staff could not find any results from their search. By that time, we had to meet back with our teachers.