Euclid and Archimedes visited students


sharing thoughts

about circles

and we began

to explore


Circumference, that is

the distance around

any circle

it seems


is equal to a bit more

than three lengths

of the circle’s diameter

Could this really be true?

Pi investigation

An irrational number, and we now call it pi,

Was considered by many throughout human time.


The circumference and diameter

Do relate mathematically


never quite divide

exactly evenly


Using string and measuring tape

We CELCers came to agree

That pi goes on and on, just a bit more than three


When we paused from our work, we had a pie feast

With apple, pumpkin,

chocolate, and berry

maple walnut, coconut cream, and pies galore


many slices were eaten,pie pi

with mathematical chomping

and then the search continued


How to find

the area

inside of a circle

a mystery


once again, pi was the solution


the square

of the radius times a bit more than three

will work to find the area

of any circle


It also

turns up in the design of the Great Pyramids

And a pendulum’s swing


This irrational number

inspired all of us

to then singPi pie