Has your student missed something because of COVID?

Are you worried about learning loss, academic fall behind, or a drop in self-esteem?

CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC)

now offers

Academic Tutoring & Educational Coaching

Kindergarten through College, year round

Our philosophy is always “learner-centered”. The individual student’s needs and capabilities are central to all CELC’s hands-on Tutoring and Coaching sessions.

 Our approach is always multi-faceted. We focus on the academic, social, and developmental levels of your student.

Services include:

  • Individual academic tutoring: Including but not limited to Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Spanish language. Available for grades K-12.
  • Educational coaching: Geared toward solidifying vital skills such as effectively using an assignment planner, budgeting time for short- and long-term assignments, self-advocating, and confidently interacting with teachers (also known as “executive functioning”). Coaching includes organizational skill building, time management, and self-esteem building. Available for ages 8-18. Available in one-to-one sessions or in small groups.
  • College prep: One-to-one intensive support with college applications and essays

Building Competent and Confident Students through Engaged Learning