If you are a parent who is not sure whether your child is at the right school, come hear from parents who have sought local independent and magnet schools for their children, are happy with their choice, and can describe why they are happy.

Discussion will include how to decide whether to stay or go, the available options, what to consider, what works and why?

Parents from schools in the area including CELC Middle School, The Country School, FlexSchool, The Independent Day School, and Watkinson School all will be part of this panel. 

Atwater Memorial Library

1720 Foxon Road, North Branford, CT
Monday, 24 September 2018
6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

During the time CELC parent Brendan Hemingway and his wife Susan were in-process of seeking an educational setting for their daughter, he was dismayed to find that many of his friends, parents like him, seemed to be less inclined to take action in this way, even though their children also were not thriving at school.  The process of searching for a better fit was new for him, and he wished for a sounding board of parents who had gone through it to help guide him.

CELC Middle School, for Brendan’s daughter, provided the type of middle school education that challenged and helped her grow and truly thrive. The difference this made, he now knows, was truly remarkable.  Brendan set on a mission to help others understand the enormity of what finding the right fit can mean for a child’s development.  He actually wrote a book describing some of the discoveries on his journey.  Why I Chose CELC, written by Mr. Hemingway now can be purchased on Amazon!

If you are a parent who has ever wondered whether there is a better fit for your child’s education, please join Brendan and parents from schools along the Shoreline for a free panel discussion focusing on these issues.

Below is Brendan’s overview describing how this panel idea came to be:

The concept is simple –

* I had a kid who was a bad fit for our local public middle school
* I wanted to assess the problem and consider options
* I wanted
– someone to talk to (parents in a similar state)
– some guidance (experts in matching kids with schools)
– some options (staff at schools to help me choose)

The parent panel is an attempt to create what I could not find: a place to get a handle on whether my kid had hit a bump in the road or had gone off a cliff, and a place to hear from parents who went outside the mainstream and were happy with the choice. Success stories.

So I am looking for parents from schools I know by reputation who are happy with their choice and who can tell us why they are happy.

As I heard an expert on the radio once say, the choices are limited to

(a) change the kid to fit the school

(b) change the school to fit the kid

(c) choose a different school

I have seen option (a) work for people who are willing to go the extra mile with outside enrichment opportunities and tutoring; it did not work for me, works for some.

I have seen option (b) work for parents who were better at bending the school to their will than we were, although this only works for a small set of kids.

I have seen option (c) work for many people, but one has to have the money to pay for it, along with the confidence of one’s choice.

Therefore our ideal parent representing choice (c) can say why it was chosen and why it worked.

If you want to know more about where I am coming from as someone who chose option (c), I have a cheap and short book intended for this very purpose:


We hope to see you Monday, 24 September 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Atwater Memorial Public Library,  1720 Foxon Road, North Branford, CT

Contact [email protected] for more information.




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