The second week of CELC 2012-13 and here we go – rich with variety and learning opportunities.

After last week’s clamming experience in LI Sound and preparations of both Rhode Island-style and New England-style clam chowder, we saved some clams, and today made baked stuffed clams. Learning to chop, sauté, experiment with seasonings, and “tighten” the broth – the aroma was sublime.

stuffed clams   Babylonian clay tabletsWhy Cook? is the name of our Friday cooking class. Why? Well, we do cook! For young people, it offers a great deal. Being able to relate to the food we eat, to make choices about how and why we prepare certain ingredients, utilizing the correct utensils, building useful skills that last a lifetime, and so much more.

Following the clams, students also took on a chocolate cookie recipe, which was transformed to model the clay tablets used by the ancient Babylonians for early written language.  Inscribing symbols based on that alphabet was just one of the many connections to be made to our Ancient Civilizations theme study.

Science, Math, Literature Circle, and Spanish classes all commenced.  Long Wharf Theater teaching artist Anthony De Poto conducted his first theater games class. Later, our art class with Tess Morrison offered a time for students to think about recent discoveries of some of the oldest-found cave paintings dating from 32,000 years ago. She also led students on a creative journey considering their own personal symbols as representations of aspects of themselves through visual arts.saute

making compostStudents are getting into the CELC rhythm.  Highlights from week three will include a science lab that explores properties of water, ancient number systems and other math study, outdoor education at Common Ground High School, sports and games day, Mapping though Art, Debate Club, and more.  HAZAH!