Monday sailed in and we are on our way, to energized learning as students engage in the interactive math class, writing workshop, and music for the morning events.

Gearing up for the CT Science and Engineering fair, CELCers read a variety of science news to explore topics and creatively generate ideas and pose questions to help decide a topic for a science fair project for this year’s Science Fair at Quinnipiac University coming in March.

CELC collaborative work timeScience Fair prep

Tuesday, along with more classes, we head to New Haven to visit and tour the Yale Medical Library and learn about the life and work of Harvey Cushing, a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery.  Cushing documented his work through proliferation of writings as well as collected and catalogued over 400 brains from patients he had previously treated.

Currently housed at the Yale Medical Library, the Cushing Exhibit is a fascinating way to learn about real science.  Thank you to our tour guide Terry Dagradi who acts not only as museum docent, but also staff photographer who is in process of converting hundreds of Cushing’s photographic images to digital film.

Discussion and writing

Wednesday, practice for National Geography Bee along with homeschoolers and students from the New England Montessori School, the class investigates and maps where in the world our clothes are made – one can find geography almost anywhere!CELC at the Abbey of Regina Laudis

Thursday, we spend a day at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut.  CELC students visit the abbey a couple times each year to offer community service projects, ranging from gardening to bee keeping and to attend vespers where they listen to Gregorian chant.  The Abbey is a spiritual and peaceful place where our group is welcomed and able to feel the gratitude that comes from sharing and giving. donkey group

CELC at the Abbey of Regina Laudis

And it continues on … more adventures each week at CELC.  Next week we look forward to an Environmental Ethics class with guest teaching artist Celia Lewis, a workshop with Whitney Water Center, cookie baking, a grammar test, and a variety of other lively explorations!

Other news and events:

Visit from Dr. Frank LaBanca, Vice-President of CT State Science and Engineering Fair, who presents a workshop on developing ideas, problem-finding and problem-solving; visit to Yale’s Leitner Planetarium; Environmental Ethics class with Celia; CELC hosts National Geography Bee Thursday, 16 January; stay tuned for more!Student selfStudent self

WhyCook? at CELC