The Bronze Bow discussions and roles will start off the Literature Circle class this week.  Math classes range from bisecting segments and angles to place value and ancient number systems.  “Water Drop Races” will start off our science class for Homeschool Mondays – toothpicks, straws, cohesion, and surface tension are the racing components. Upon completion of the geologic time scale covering the 4.6 billion years of earth’s history, students will embark upon a study of Earth’s major eras, including pre-Cambrian, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic, becoming travel agents of this time period – all a part of our thematic study of ancient civilizations.

And Oh, the Places We’ll Go ….Heart Map

Tuesday brings the initial meeting with Branford Land Trust member Meg Kilgore, along with local ornithologist Celia Lewis as we hike the “wild property” where we will conduct a yearlong study of birds, keeping track of the area’s migrants and residents.  Thursday’s outdoor education will take place at Trap Rock Ridge Camp, a.k.a. Rob and Sally’s, with the continued care and learning of this sustainable organic garden and farm.Sports and Games Day

And of course, the cherry on top for Friday brings students their second round of a Debate Club class, led by CELC alumnus Maddie.  Students will bring forth their prepared research, working together to strategize their arguments for and against the 2nd Amendment’s Right to Bear Arms.Debate Club

Heart MapTo conclude the week, Tess joins us again for her workshop entitled The Art of Intuitive Tools – students will explore and discover more about themselves as they Geologic Time Scalecreate personal journey cards.

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