— written by Julia, 10-year old CELC student

National Geography Bee

We walked into the large colorful room. The domed pink and white ceiling made me feel as if I were strutting into a fairy princess’s castle. A tiny wooden stage was set in the back of the room. Nine chairs rested in a flawless line for the Geobee contestants. The contestants climbed on stage  and flopped  onto the seats. None of us knew who would be asked the first question. I sat still and clasped my hands together, wondering what would happen next.

The Geobee rules were read aloud as each student listened contently, hoping to come in first place. After the first question was asked, silence hung in the air for a few seconds. The answer cut through the silence like a knife. The second through twenty-seventh questions came and went the same way. Thus put an end to the preliminary round.

National Geography BeeFour students were called off the stage , leaving five students to remain. Only one of these students knew she would eventually be moving on , while the other four were tied with five correct answers each. The only thing that could determine their fate was a tie-breaker. The first question asked in the tie-breaking round was one that all four contestants failed to answer correctly. The second question asked sealed the fate for two of them, leaving the other two to battle it out. The suspense was killing me.  Which one of them would advance, joining  the three of us in the final round?National Geography Bee

Finally, the question was answered, sending one student back into the audience. That was it. On to the final round.

After the final round, two remained. It only took two more questions – asked and answered, and the Geobee came to an end.  The winner had a medal hung around her neck and a certificate slipped into her hand. For the rest of us, a certificate of participation and a pencil. I had a good time at the Geobee, and I hope that my fellow classmates did as well.