written by Maddie, 14-year old CELC student

I believe we’re facing the zombie apocalypse, as Leif Ericsson, Sir Francis Drake, and Prince Henry have risen from their graves! All three explorers have been helping everyone at CELC understand their parts in history. However, just as the second trimester has come to an end, so has this project; after several months of work, we are saying a mighty good bye to these men!

For this project, we worked with partners. Although two heads are better than one, learning to work with the other half took some time. Fortunately, we were given the opportunity to plan out every step of the project and commit to some student-enforced due dates. Once the groups were functioning as groups, we began working on this multi-step challenge. Each group was assigned an explorer, and then had to create a map, timeline, mini-biography, and an elective of our choice. My partner and I chose to make a video for our elective, one that spread a lot of laughter and created a lot of fun for everyone involved.

It’s too bad that this is the end, but lucky for us, when one door closes, it opens another. As we part with Ericsson, Drake and Henry, we are greeting Albert Einstein, Samuel Colt, Dr. Maria Montessori, Neil Armstrong, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Robert Ballard, and Pythagoras, for they will be helping us through our next project. This next project will include a research paper and the creation of a living museum exhibit. It’s no video, but I am sure it will be just as exciting!