CELC students this week were introduced to and became inspired by Greta Thunberg, a young activist working to bring together people around the science of climate change and now toward finding ways to take action affecting change and solving the problems of climate change. 

CELCers also participated in The International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge (ISCFC), which asks students to survey their use of carbon-emitting resources in four areas: transportation, food, home, and purchases. The data that students collect becomes part of a worldwide effort to compare usage.  The ISCFC collates all entries from schools around the globe onto an interactive map and then provides a way for students to interact and connect online. 

Our guest speaker Eric Fine rounded out our week’s look at what is carbon footprint and climate change.  A graduate of Yale Forestry School and now member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Eric is part of a team working toward getting the Energy Innovation and Dividend Act to become law.  This Act puts a price on carbon emissions, gives back money to citizens, and improves the economy by adding new jobs, with a goal to reach zero emissions by 2050.

CELCers’ lesson on global economics and the environment has planted a seed.  Each was glad to know there are actions that can make a difference and now are more ready to become involved.  We will continue to build knowledge and embark on taking part in the conversation.