By 3rd-year CELC student, Sue H.

The newspaper drips with the goopey substance as Sophie runs her second finger over it, cleaning the strip of the goop. It’s Friday and CELC is getting into the Halloween spirit. We’re making papier-mache masks.

For those who may not know, papier-mache is a way of sticking together strips of newspaper (or cheesecloth) to make a mold of something. Papier-mache really only has three ingredients: flour, water, and newspaper. It’s great for making models of things, but the best use papier-mache has is for making masks.

That’s where we come in.

We had leftover papier-mache goop from when we had made “apples” with the stuff, and we decided that instead of letting it go to waste, we would make masks.

In order to really capture the Halloween spirit, the masks would have to cover the whole face. And because making a mask on your own face is rather difficult, we split up into pairs and alternated making the mask on one another’s face.

The flour/water was unexpectedly cold and sticky, and since it had been awhile since we last used it, it had started to ferment. The smells that tub of goop produced were impressive!

It was the first time making masks like this for some of us, and even for those who had done it before, it was a pretty odd feeling. But we did it, and now we each have our own Halloween masks!

All that’s left to do….is decorate!

group mask mask girl masking