We’re giddy with excitement…the CELC gang is here!

This feeling overcomes us whenever they appear.

…Proceeding up the driveway to One Eleven, Laurel St…..Rear.

The chores they came to conquer are waiting on a list

previously made out by the farmer who they’ve assembled to assist.

He stands at the ready to delegate to the strong and eager crew,

the many possible options …but, first…an overview.

They’ve been coming here for years so most of them know the drill.

Will they be raking leaves or cleaning the hen house…?

(Now that’s a unique thrill!)

Shall we begin by roasting a marshmallow over the open fire

before they get down to business and tackle their hearts’ desire?

A desire to cut and sort piles of drying garlic cloves….

or to pull dead vines from the soil ‘cause summer’s over and nothing grows.

It seems one CELCer’s desire is to place the perfect stack of wood.

He calls himself The General and handles that chore really good!


(I’ll get away with erroneous grammar if Maria you don’t tell!)

Perhaps they’ll wrap some newspaper strips around cups…and for what reason?

Well, once the winter melts away its plant-a-seedling season.

Oh, the many projects, chores and challenges this group has

helped us with over the years!

THANK YOU, Thank You, Thank You

for letting us assist you toward future careers.

Best Wishes to all and may you have success in whatever you choose

….and follow your hearts’ desire…..

Sally and Rob

                                                                                      September 15, 2015

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