A CELC student collaborative piece

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Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect chicken pot pie? We have and in our quest for the best pie possible, we learned some things that we think could help you on your journey to perfect pie-dom.

The first thing to know about the crust is this. When making pie dough, add the amount of water very slowly and remember not to dump in all the water at once. Wait a few seconds in between each addition of water so that it will spread around and not clump. When mixing the docrust smiles webugh, remember to look to see when the dough sticks together but is flaky still. Flaky is the texture that you want!

pastry crust webThere are two keys to making the perfect pie : a perfect crust and a perfect filling! Here are some tips we have regarding the latter. Since potatoes are hard to cut, you have to try your best to make them cubed. The secret to cubing potatoes and other vegetables is to focus on the knife and cut straight. As you slice through the potato, be careful to make evenly sized cubes. It is important to have each piece of vegetable be as similar in size as possible, so that the vegetable as a whole will cook evenly.crust trio web

When cooking the filling, using a low heat on the stove as you sauté the ingredients will make sure they do not burn. This will result in a great meal-in-a-pie. Make sure to cook the vegetables in the same pan that the chicken had been cooked to ensure the best and most irresistible combined flavor.

Now that you have finished cooking … you bring the spoonful of delicious steaming chicken pot pie towards your mouth. A variety of flavors and smells waft up your nose. You taste the sweet vegetables blended with the savory chicken. Delicious!