For our theme study of Exploration and Discovery, we begin by having students relate to their own passions.  The idea being that every explorer/discoverer probably begins with seed of inspiration that grows into a passion, leading to one’s exploration.  Following is a student’s description of a passion project:

nature photography on shoreline

I shared my passion with CELC in two different ways.  One was a short computer presentation, and the other was going on a hike and to the beach to take photographs.  Those are two very different ways of teaching people something, and I believe they both work very well.

As we started on our hike, someone pointed out a deer on a nearby marshy island.  It was quietly eating grass and weeds, maybe a hundred yards away.  That was quite a start to our hike.  As we walked along, people took pictures of mountain laurel groves and of new buds on a pine tree.  One friend of mine found a beautiful, multicolored fall leaf to take a picture of.  As the hike progressed further, I could tell that everybody was really enjoying themselves.nature photography


nature photography nature photography

Next, we headed to a small, quiet beach that I call Trolley Beach.  Everyone went out on the large pile of boulders sticking into the water.  Some people took pictures of interesting textures and pattern in the rocks, while others found patient hermit crabs to be the better subject for their photographs.  nature photography We ended these several hours of fun and adventures with a CELC group photo where everyone was “hidden” amongst the rocks.                W.C. – CELC student

nature photography