About this book – a note from CELC:

The creation of this book takes place during a multi-week Digital Storytelling class that is designed to provide digital literacy skills and empower students to create positive change in their communities.  Students learn the fundamentals of digital photography, including composition and lightning, digital image editing, and making a digital portfolio of their work.  

In The Shadows is the theme for this student-published “zine”. This theme asks students to consider not only what is important to them but also what is not given voice / brought into the open or easily discussed. Students each develop a topic within this theme, spending time researching and then crafting ideas into written form. Digital images then are created to correspond to the written work, with an awareness of audience and purpose. 

Excerpt From: CELCers 2020-21. “CELC 2021 In the Shadows.” Apple Books.

To read and view this publication, click on this link to download a copy or save to Dropbox.  Enjoy!