Jared Eliot Preserve bird study

Working with local ornithologist, Celia Lewis has brought CELC students into nature once again.  The Jared Eliott Preserve, part of the Guilford Conservation Land Trust property, offers a diverse range of habitats and a welcome place for birds, from migrants to cosmopolitans throughout the year.  Our students have been steadily collecting data to keep track of birds in this area.

Jared Eliot Preserve Birding Study

Following are some impressions of this experience from one of our students:

When humans walk in the woods, nature hides.  Birds chirp, sticks crack, squirrels dash away.  Stay quiet, and it gets braver – not only birds, but deer and other animals and sounds.  The frogs begin chirping; you can hear the crickets and mice!  I encourage you to go!

The Connecticut Experiential Learning Center (CELC) has tracked birds for our environmental science class since 7 September 2010.  We do what you all know tracking involves, which is going outside with all sorts of gear, like scopes, binoculars, cameras, and measuring tape.

Then there’s the lab work.  This involves migration patterns. After that we chart our spotted birds on Google Earth.

Jared Eliot Preserve bird study Jared Eliot Preserve bird study