CELC students are working with local ornithologist Celia Lewis to conduct a point-count study of birds within the Jared Eliott Preserve, property of the Guilford Land Trust.

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CELC Bird Study

Looking for Birds

Students started by setting up the sections to be used for the point-count study.  Climbing over shrubs, walking the fields and marshes, students plotted the circumferences of three circular areas each having 25-meter radius.




12 April Field Experience Highlights:

Kyle:  It was drizzling and very cloudy/partly foggy.  We saw four ospreys.  One had a fish in its talons.  It was extremely low tide.  The coolest part of the day was having a rough-winged swallow fly over our heads.  This was the first one we’d seen all season – the first to begin to arrive.

Cole: The day was foggy in the morning and rainy and damp around noon, and damp and soggy when we were birding at about 1:30 p.m. We were looking for birds at each of the bird points, and we waited for about five minutes in each area, although it felt more like two minutes.  I would have liked to stay out longer to see more birds.  I enjoyed seeing the ospreys in their nests and the red-winged blackbirds all around us.

Point-count study Jared Eliot Preserve Point-count study Jared Eliot Preserve