CELC is planning a trip to Costa Rica with Casterbridge Tours. The trip will include stays at wonderful hotels and will also offer opportunity to learn about another part of the world and meet the people.  We are hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, 20 January at 4:30 PM in Guilford.  Please come to find out more and consider joining us on this fine adventure.  View our trip itinerary and contact us for more details.

CELC student and family travel programs bring a new dimension to vacationing : experiential tourism.  As a child, my  father brought our family to exotic locations such as Haiti, the Canary Islands, Greece, and Turkey.  We stayed in nice hotels and then went as far away from tourist attractions as we could to get to know the country and the people.  I know these experiences influenced my life in a big way.  Today, my own children have not yet visited many places in the world, nor do they know first hand how different the lives of other people can be.  I want to bring travel into the lives of my children and believe in family travel as an amazing way to discover, learn and grow together, and create important lasting memories.  I am at home in a new environment, discovering other customs and cultures and appreciate knowing the diversity that exists.