Aboard Boundless on the Chesapeake BayCELC students just returned from a 7-day sailing adventure on the Chesepeake Bay aboard Boundless, a 46-foot ketch captained by Jeff Armor of Different Drum Sailing Adventures.  We knew we’d sail, but we could not have predicted all of the aspects in which this kind of experience would offer for learning and growth. Sailing requires knowledge of such a variety of areas, including meteorology, navigation and geography, not to mention the art of conversation, cooperation, and consideration of others.  Living aboard a boat also changes one’s perspective about what is possible.Writing Aboard Boundless on the Chesapeake Bay

En route to Fredericksburg, Virginia students had a math class in the café car of the Amtrak train. Math Aboard Boundless on the Chesapeake Bay Navigation ClassCELCers are quite adept at making a classroom happen, whether it is on the deck of Boundless for Literature Circle or on the train platform for writing workshop.  Aboard Boundless on the Chesapeake Bay Navigation ClassGoing with the flow – not often considered a developed trait for this aged student – happens as a matter of course at CELC.  We move around a lot, to interesting places that capture our curiosity and attention; the process of learning is natural, not forced, and is real and exciting.Math Aboard Boundless on the Chesapeake BayMath on Amtrak CELC on Amtrak