CELC Middle School (pronounced /selk/) offers experientially-based teaching as a way for students to involve themselves in learning beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. Learners are invited to participate in a strategically-designed format which integrates the student’s academic study with field experiences.

Students explore the essential questions that unite broad areas of knowledge, relate historical concepts and trends to current events and their own experiences, refine their research and writing skills and have opportunities to work both independently and cooperatively.   

CELC is a school catering only to middle school aged students, using highly qualified middle school teachers who discover and nurture the gifts of each student in and out of classroom learning environment.

Our students’ parents tell us that:

CELC focuses only on the middle years, with specialist teachers who understand how to motivate and engage students, transforming their lives.

CELC teaches students how to learn in the way that they learn best. The students find their pathways to learning at CELC.

Differentiated instruction that is highly personalized and focuses on the academic and social emotional elements of education creates children with a high sense of self-esteem.

The focus on out-of-classroom activities including daily physical education builds character within each student.

The strength of the academic program is equal to the extraordinary quality of the experiential program. Children learn both academically and socially/emotionally through the school’s multidisciplinary approach to education outside of the classroom.


Small in size yet lasting in impact, CELC prides itself on teaching children the value of being productive members of the local community and constructive citizens of the world.

Not just any middle school, CELC makes the most of these middle school years within a learning environment purposely built just for that!

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students waving while rock climbing