CT Experiential Learning Center (CELC) launched a Water Science Series in conjunction with the Whitney Water Center to benefit LifeStraw®.  On 9 January, 2012, Peter Cleary, Communications Director with Vestergaard Frandsen, Incorporated – the company that created LifeStraw® – visited the Whitney Water Center to speak with students and families about its work to save lives. LifeStraw®

Brett Leckey, a 10-year old who initiated his own project devoted to LifeStraw®, also spoke about his fundraising efforts to better peoples’ lives throughout the world. Following the presentation, students attended a water science class entitled The Magic of Microscopy.

CELC students’ impressions about the event:LifeStraw®

Millions of children gone everyday due to waterborne sickness.  The trees that fell one by one to make a fire for boiling water.  There was little hope for Kenya until the Vestergaard Frandsen company made a creation that won many awards, including 2000’s best invention.

This lifesaver is called LifeStraw®.  It is a straw about the length of a pencil and the width of your thumb.  LifeStraw® filters 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria.  All you need to do is put the LifeStraw® in contaminated water and suck; all the sickness gets stuck in the filtration system and clean water comes into your mouth.  This invention has helped the forest because the people of Kenya no longer have to boil water; it most likely saved people from getting sick and so it is a win-win on all sides.

– N.M., CELC student


I was amazed at how much I learned today.  It was really cool to be able to look through a microscope for the first time.  I never knew that there could be so many little organisms in just three drops of lake water.

We got to look at plant and animal samples under the microscope, such as fern leaf, fish scale and mammal lung.  I found it fascinating how the samples were dyed so that they could be seen better with the microscope.

The water that we looked at was from the Mill River, near the Whitney Water Center.  The water had so many plants and animals in it.  I enjoyed learning about water.LifeStraw®

– J.S., CELC student