Adam Battelstein and Rebecca Moore with CELCNothing ever really defies gravity.  We are, after all, on Earth and gravity happens.  A gyroscope works because of inter-related forces, as does buoyancy, inertia, or even density, in conjunction with gravity – the force that plays a role along with all of the others.  It never goes away. Yet, when Adam Battelstein and Rebecca Moore move, one gets to wonder.

Adam Battelstein LocomotionBalance comes into it, as does allowing the imagination to take the simple task of moving across a floorAdam Battelstein Locomotionand making it into something more.

The science of motion – locomotion – the moving from one place to another was the theme of a unique dance performance that promoted audience participation through experiment and wonder.

It is so freeing to watch space be explored in atypical ways.  Seeing a balloon that is expected to float, handled so that it appears still, in mid-air.  Or when a pole becomes the dance partner and a body circles in parabolic shapes around it, like the movements of the planets along the ecliptic.  How about a dancing Segue, playing catch me if you can?

Adam Battelstein LocomotionAdam Battelstein Locomotion

Combining imaginary play, spontaneity, incredibly poignant and graceful movement, and the scientific method, what may be commonplace suddenly stands out, sparking a refreshing new perspective.  How about those Laws of Motion?Adam Battelstein Locomotion                                                Adam Battelstein Locomotion